Symptoms And Treatment Of Conjunctivitis

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In almost every age group, usually in the summer, pollen and powders Chichewa, as well as conjunctivitis caused by the chlorine of the pool water is all about have investigated for you.


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The type of language common in children and adults conjunctivitis conjunctivitis is called.Infectious feature, pink eye is easily spread from person to person in the areas of public life.

Which is coated on the White portion of the eye conjunctiva is a layer called the eye to produce a variety of substances that moisturize. This layer that occurs in redness, inflammation , and potentiation of the blood vessels, the condition is called conjunctivitis.A definitive diagnosis determined by the physician.



Many environmental factors caused by conjunctivitis is often contagious. Pollen from air pollution as transmitted pink eye hygienic due to many factors the other reason for not to use or share contact lenses with anyone else.



Allergic Conjunctivitis

Usually during the summer months , common pollen, Chichewa dust mites, animal dander and house dust arise in situations such as; burning in the eyes, redness, watering and itching , which is an eye disease. In such cases, sneezing and nasal akintisI also may accompany.


Infectious Conjunctivitis

From the fact that the immune system is weak bacteria in our digestive system and our skin is borne through physical contact, and hand hygiene (depending on the makeup of others are formed. Conjunctivitis with an infected person , shaking hands, kissing and each other’s stuff to share with each other infections.


Chemical Conjunctivitis

Unlike other types of conjunctivitis, fever is transmitted independent from a second person.Air pollution, pool chlorine and toxic chemicals arise because of.


  • Burning
  • Redness
  • Stinging
  • Itching
  • Yellow eye discharge
  • Watering
  • Ocular discharge
  • Sensitivity to light


Pink eye conjunctivitis is contagious in the name of getting a positive result because of the property of a person with a second person, and people must avoid contact. Eye drops should be random drug and ill definitely kullamam. A should I see my doctor regularly and the doctor prescribed medication and eye drops should not use.

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Pink eye usually eye drops are used. The process of treatment 7 to 10 days ranged from.In a short period of treatment, to give a positive answer the person drops the drug and regular as clockwork.



  • The person in the treatment process should Dec the use of the towel, and disposablepaper towels should be consumed.
  • Frequently scratching your eyes with the effect of ovusturmam should be.

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  • Frequently should wash their hands.
  • With others in the community in close contact , there should not be.
  • Lens wearers lens use Dec.
  • Your personal care products and makeup do not share with anyone.
  • The stinging in your eyes, dogumus to alleviate the itching and burning the dregs of teaand leave for 20-25 minutes and rinse with water eyes put.


  • Conjunctivitis you are more likely to in the summer. While conjunctivitis in the pool or in the sea, don’t go. More can cause your eyes to get infected.
  • Dusty and dirty environments as far as possible stay away from.
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