Symptoms and treatment of disease pemphigus

PEMPHIGUS DISEASE - Symptoms and treatment of disease pemphigus

Which is one of the skin diseases pemphigus know all the details about what we do.


Which is one of the pemphigus skin diseases, burn-like and water-filled blisters is a disease that occurs in the form of. This water-filled blisters becomes an open sores in the form of explosively shortly after. Important skin diseases of the pemphigus in some cases could reach lethal levels.

The person’s own immune system and tissue cells to fight disease. The immune system recognizes as Foreign a person in his own skin and starts to fight with him. Pemphigus is described as a disease that causes painful sores, in the language of Medicine, autoimmunedisease is classified as an.

pemfigus  - Symptoms and treatment of disease pemphigus

Oral, pemphigus skin disease usually seen in middle-aged and older groups in the genital area is observed. The probability of children being seen in pemphigus which is quite low.

Pemphigus disease is often seen in the mouth first and then spreading to various areas of the body. The disease is not contagious. For this reason, they are not subject to infect others through contact with the patient.

pemfigus hastaligi - Symptoms and treatment of disease pemphigus


The cause of the disease is yet unknown, although its own tissue with the cells of the immune system have been known to occur as a result of the fight. Another factor is the use of certain drugs that is thought to be disease-causing pemphigus. In the category of infectious diseases pemphigus disease also are considered to have genetic traits that are not included.

Pemphigus disease pre-foreseeable and necessary precautions that can be taken is not a disease. For this reason, it can be seen in the disease is not known. In pemphigus the immune system providing protection against disease germs and bacteria that can harm the body instead of in one’s own skin recognizes as foreign and begins to fight with their own, sort of. As a result of this, water-filled bubbles and the bubbles seen patlarak disease pemphigus creates painful sores occur after a while.

pemfigus deri hastaligi - Symptoms and treatment of disease pemphigus

The skin the immune system as foreign substances called autoantibodies, which is secretes a substance the body as a result of the detection, and this ingredient is located in the top layer of the skin, which causes it to break the ties. Skin as a result of all this drink, and dizziness occur. Then, the inside of the slits find filled with transparent liquid called and after a short time, the bubbles burst. As painful and as a result of the explosion of the bubbles with a wet structure, injuries occur. Disease may be of a nature which can be life threatening in some cases of pemphigus.

The causes of disease pemphigus, as well as some factors may trigger the disease. This is the exact sort of variability from person to person due to the trigger factors. However, many patients with pemphigus onions, garlic, leeks and eggplant refers to foods such as serious illness.

pemfigus nedir - Symptoms and treatment of disease pemphigus


The main symptoms of pemphigus disease mouth sores that do not heal. The wounds that begins in the mouth, then hair, face, body and genitals including spread to various parts of the body. Although mouthwash and applied to respond to drug therapy begins in the mouth wounds that could take months.

Spread throughout the body wounds filled with water in the form of blisters is observed. Find-name given to the walls of the bubbles thin wet blows and injuries that cause pain because it is structured in quite a short time occurs. Water-filled bubbles as a result of the explosion of the wound, the appearance of the region in the time of kabuklasir before bedtime. However, a large portion of the body necessarily needs to be treated otherwise spread disease pemphigus shows. In some cases of pemphigus disease can be a vital threat.

Only in the skin disease pemphigus do not occur. As may occur in the mouth, eyes, nose and in the trachea can be seen. Also pemphigus; burning, redness and tearing while lead to symptoms such as pemphigus seen in the nose; discharge, bleeding and causes symptoms such as congestion. Seen in pemphigus disease in the trachea and hoarseness dyspnea is observed.

pemfigus goz tutulumu - Symptoms and treatment of disease pemphigus


In the event of symptoms of pemphigus is primarily a specialist in skin diseases (dermatologist)to refer you. As a result of genetic diseases pemfigusta your doctor first by taking a piece over the mouth with a local anesthetic a biopsy will do. This piece is taken from the injured area with the help of a few stitches and can be closed.

The patient must fulfil all recommendations of the doctor and follow the recipe to the letter first. Disease and the patient’s treatment for pemphigus which has a long recovery it is quite important to adhere to. Therefore, to get accurate results from treatment, the first treatment should be followed to the letter.

bullu pemfigus - Symptoms and treatment of disease pemphigus


Cortisone treatment is based on the basis of pemphigus disease. Applied cortisone therapywith disease and pemphigus antibodies being produced by the body that lead to the cessation of production in the name of the item is intended to. However, in the case of steroid therapy or cortisone treatment in order to be the answer of destel can be used in additional medicines, but the most important factor in the cortisone treatment cortisone is to find a successful balance between the therapeutic effects with the side effects of.

The dose of cortisone used in the treatment is very important. There are various side effects of cortisone as it is a healing effect. Therefore, before the initiation of treatment, the patient should determine whether there is any problem, and accordingly measures should be taken.

pemfigus tedavisi - Symptoms and treatment of disease pemphigus

Side Effects Of Cortisone


  • Cataract formation
  • Stomach and intestinal bleeding
  • Hypertension
  • The emergence of hidden sugar
  • Triggering of diabetes
  • Osteoporosis
  • Weight gain
  • Abnormal operation of the adrenal glands
  • Edema
  • Snagging
  • Cracks in the skin

hastanin dikkat etmesi gerekenler - Symptoms and treatment of disease pemphigus


  • Avoid salty and starchy foods.
  • You can take care of cleaning the body, particularly the cleanliness of your mouth.
  • The teeth should be brushed regularly with a soft toothbrush.
  • During the shower, bath, wherein the cloth.
  • Make sure that the water is warm in the shower.
  • Sexual intercourse should be avoided during the disease.
  • In the face of meticulous and painstaking act sores in the genital areaof the provinceproperty.
  • You must also avoid the crowds off.
  • Thick and avoid tight clothing.
  • In the summer use sun protection creams sunscreen and avoid too much sun in the name of.
  • Surgery and dental surgery can increase the severity of the disease.



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