Symptoms Of Vitamin Deficiency

vıtamın e - Symptoms Of Vitamin Deficiency

Unhealthy and improper diet due to our body needs vitamins most of the time we can’t afford.For this reason, have problems vision problems skin and nail health in many areas.

Directly affect the immune system of our body and digestive vitamins. In this case, ways to prevent many diseases through eating foods that are rich in vitamins. The lack of vitamin against what we feel, and how can we understand it? if you say the answer is the continuation of the story;

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Quite important in terms of bone structure and skin is a source of vitamin A, which is also a powerful antioxidant. For this reason, it is a powerful weapon against cancer and other diseases. The immune system is very important in terms of vitamin A, which increases the resistance of the body, while at the same time, assists in cell regeneration. Protein-rich nourished vitamin A is very important for athletes. Protein, vitamin A, cannot be used without.

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Vitamin A deficiency, visual disturbances, dryness of the skin, bone and teeth problems, weakness, brittle hair and nails and it can produce symptoms of various infections. At the same time redness of the tongue on the lip sores and vitamin deficiency is seen in people.

The need for vitamin A, tomatoes, cereals, orange, peach, Yesil vegetables, cabbage, carrots, honey, and you can meet plenty of foods such as vegetable oil. Each individual will need a daily vitamin 800 mg. However, this rate has increased up to 1200 mg pregnant and nursing mothers.

Vitamin B2

A lack of vitamin B2 is especially seen in those who consume excessive alcohol, too often people who are using antibiotics and sedatives can be seen. Vitamin B2 deficiency, while at the same time ensuring that the ratio of the body’s acid-balanced, respiratory, and digestive system is very important.

Wound at the edge of the mouth, redness of tongue, rash on the edge of the eye, anemia, and the drying of the side of the nose presents itself with symptoms such as. Milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs, corn, dry beans vegetables and Yesil can solve your lack of vitamin B2.

Vitamin B12

One of the issues that need to be taken seriously is the lack of vitamin B12. Unless deficiencies are addressed, can cause various nervous system diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. Vitamin B12 is very important for the nervous system, which also includes the renewal of the cells.

B12 deficiency, weakness, and Nov joint pain, lethargy, fatigue, easy illness, loss of appetite, diseases of the circulatory system, anemia, and bringing many problems such as wounds in the mouth gives a glimpse.

There is not a lot of vitamin B12 in vegetables. Usually B12, which is found in meat and dairy products, cheese, milk, eggs, fish and meat products should consume plenty of. At the same time, necessarily pass from the control of an expert, if necessary, The drug should be used in the control and approval of a doctor.


Surely first in mind when they say vitamin C is the immune system. Archenemy of immune system diseases such as the flu, vitamin C deficiency, which, allows you to increase body resistance against diseases. Also helps balance blood sugar levels. bone health, gums, and vitamin C which is vital for skin health, blood circulation, cell renewal provides by stabilizing.

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Vitamin C deficiency, immune system diseases such as the common cold and the flu is easy to catch, but causes it to be difficult to get through. Each individual should consume 60 mg of vitamin C per day. The proportion of smokers 100 mg should be.

Yesil pepper, parsley, strawberries, tomatoes, Yesil vegetables, red cabbage, and vitamin C. there are a lot of citrus.


Research young people, 20% of vitamin D deficiency in the elderly is observed, while this percentage up to 50%. Adequate amounts of nutrients is the main cause of vitamin D deficiency, vitamin D deficiency. Thanks to the sun’s rays our bodies vitamin D requirement.Sunlight for 10-15 minutes per day to see, our body needs vitamin D, which will be enough for you.


A vitamin D deficiency due to bone loss, bone pain, fatigue, aches, Nov, high blood pressure, kabizli, diarrhea, headache, lack of concentration, bladder problems, such as problems are encountered and weight gain. At the same time for a long time untreated vitamin D deficiencies in breast cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, causes the occurrence of serious diseases such as heart disease and even depression.


Also vitamin E for skin care and beauty, which is very important for eye health is very important. Vitamin E strengthens the immune system, and prevents the development of atherosclerosis. Which are known for antioxidant properties vitamin E protects against cancer and promotes the renewal of cells.

e vitamini - Symptoms Of Vitamin Deficiency

Vitamin E, anemia, vision disorders, infertility, cardiovascular diseases, fatigue and sexual disorders occur Nov.

The need for vitamin E are almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, whole grains, dark leafy vegetables and vegetable oils you can meet with Yesil.


Blood clots which leads to vitamin K deficiency causes decrease in resistance of the immune system. People in healing wounds and illness problems such as easy in late vitamin K deficiency are observed. At the same time gums, urinary tract, lung and bleeding in the skin can be seen. With known vitamin K deficiency bleeding intense problems, hemorrhoids, nosebleeds, and excessive bleeding such as during your menstrual period symptoms are observed.


Which is a source of antioxidants, vitamin K prevents blood loss by providing a protective effect against problems such as cancer and blood clots. Vitamin K-rich foods; cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, beans, peas, egg yolk, yogurt, potatoes, Brussels sprouts and Yesil are abundant in tea.

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