Terrarium Care

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Terrarium Care


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Specifies terrarium plants created for ecosystems in general. A bell jar system, which was dirty and adverse weather to minimize being affected by a heightened visual pleasure in denile shape culture knows. Nice decorative feature besides used for tall plants that need humidity terrariums, actually a mini-ecosystem is an example. for this reason, when we’re inside yourself indispensable is developing into a preferred passion. Takes place in designated open or closed.Looks like it’s actually easy, but it is essential to care for terrarium which are the aspects that need some attention.

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Terrarium doesn’t like direct sunlight. Receives daylight show the trend in that direction. The tendency in the direction of the flower so it can be prevented. Terrarium less light when it receives enough feed in the leaves fading and darkening that can’t occur. Usually the type of terrarium, 2 times per week, 1 time per week watering in the winter should be sufficient. The watering technique applied in the summer Monday to Thursday with days preferred there is no harm in it. Monday watering in the winter days technique may be preferred. The size of the container used in irrigation must be the same.The water that accumulates in the bottom of the pot in the morning and you should get necessarily. Are not taken and may shorten the lifespan of the flower.

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Attention to detail have added longevity to the life of the specified flower. Only in this way may prevent the formation of pests in the soil or the smell of the plant. In order to provide water during terrarium Maintenance is helpful if the soil needs to be dry if you should postpone the irrigation process. Dip our fingers into the soil to make sure that the soil is dry or watery anlanir as dry or wet. Especially the control of soil during the watering process if the soil is moist you should postpone. Terrarium should be stored in a place out of the wind.Especially when we shake the wind the flower the stalk of the plant to the roots or the soil and deterioration could cause the flow of air to enter. This flower fades and diminishes in the leaves and flowers cause yellowing of the flowers in our life.

teraryum 300x279 - Terrarium Care

For instance, flowers in front of the door or window opened and the wind definitely should be kept away from the area. Terrarium is a plant that remains for a long time. Flowers wilted on the branches and fading leaves and flowers again after our plant and should be pruned by cutting off chichewa to open cut should be covered to prevent the ingress of air flow into the region. For example, such as silicon burning candle or a cold non-adhesive closed with you know. Especially in years 5 or 6 are performed.When replacing the soil, the important point is that you want to change the maximum number of flower pots bigger erect.

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