The basic structure of the brain; the left and right hemispheres

9890 corpus callosum nedir 2 4784 300x222 - The basic structure of the brain; the left and right hemispheres
The brain, human beings prepare dinner, wake up in the morning and go to work the same job every day and to be able to similar efforts, while continuing to develop new hobbies weighs approximately 1500 grams of strange, jelly-like consistency and consists of a curved surface bulging, which is separated by the deep cleft. The brain, which is curious since humans started walking on two legs, thanks to the work of the last 30 years, some of the mysteries of lost, but still embodies the mysteries that we don’t fully understand.These mysteries still to be solved with hard work throughout this article we have tried six different chapters in our brain through our senses in the brain changes throughout life the brain the emotional mechanisms of the mind the cognitive capabilities of our brain, for reasons I will mention changing internal and external characteristics.

Ko9890 sol beyin sag beyin miti 1030x475 300x138 - The basic structure of the brain; the left and right hemispheresrpus Callosum that connects the two hemispheres of the brain and is located between the two hemispheres can be defined as a bundle of nerves. The corpus callosum is also a problem occurs when “alien hand syndrome” may occur.Under normal circumstances, the two hands of a person while moving in parallel to each other when this condition occurs, the hands can stop each other by acting in opposite to each other.For example, students who write using the fingers of both hands on the computer, this disease should occur in a manner other table a hand the fingers of the hand by pressing the Delete key while trying to write constantly sabotage the event.

Is composed of two half-spheres of the brain left and right. These two different half-sphere manages our talents different from each other. For example, most people the left hemisphere of the brain, speech, math problems, and logical problem-solving, while playing an active role in the parts related to the right hemisphere and visual – motor tasks, and in the artistic field in managing the spatial perceptions come to the fore.Nearly a century ago, posed by an American writer and scientist William James opened the first psychology laboratory inanils so the validity is attributed to only ten percent of our brains we use the idea of increasing the fraction of technology Reflection the result of the experiments has lost its validity today. When it was put forward this idea based on studies in mice, the damage to the frontal area of the brain. The rats live in cages in the laboratory and just another effort to consume water and eat all day non-they were rats.Because food and water is left in the cage, only to realize that meant food and water to survive. However, the technology and the increasing diversity of technologies experiment from the experiments of used vehicles have increased because today, the scientists who research on the brain for a hundred years stands out in people’s minds is working to change that misperception. We use all of our brain. Scientific studies that is not always compatible with the brain and causes wrong judgments between people to acquire the art of cinema.The brain is still a mystery to many, from many film contained within the brain and brain-related disorders is committed to the topic. For example, have been subject repeatedly to the movies with memory loss. Neuropsychologist Sallie Baxendale from the beginnings of cinema to the present day, in many films with art film by conducting a comprehensive scan of decorations, with prejudice, referring to films with incorrect information and has determined the loss of memory.

B9890 corpus callosum nedir 2 4784 300x222 - The basic structure of the brain; the left and right hemispheresoccurs in the left and right hemispheres of going. The left hemisphere in the general sense, conceptual and logical, the right hemisphere the other hemisphere for new images in the daily life of searching, and it operates in the active state when using these images in your life. So in this case the right hemisphere, searching for images, and these images when using the right hemisphere to the left hemisphere is transmitted. The images from the right hemisphere the left hemisphere communicates to the outside world through logical and conceptual thoughts formed after the validation process notifications.In addition, to summarize the functions of the left hemisphere, this hemisphere is analytical, linguistic, rational, verbal, and reductionist effect on visual functions. This hemisphere is responsible for the control of the right side of the body. In short, it represents the logical aspect of the people of this hemisphere. In addition, the control of reactions and turned at the sound of this hemisphere of the brain is responsible for thinking. Speech, writing and the implementation of ideas in the left hemisphere during reading of any text in it is effective. Also this hemisphere of the brain originates from the process of naming any object .

The right hemisphere is responsible for the left half of the body. Finds the point on the main hemisphere language teaching. For example, a student work during any class this hemisphere of the brain associated with the subject. To find out about is the part that allows the right hemisphere of the brain. That runs on or in relation to the text to be read helps. Hence, the right hemisphere of the brain, researchers on language learning is awarded on the basis of the research.

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