The Benefits Of Cloves

The immune system and clove - The Benefits Of Cloves

The kitchen, which is a sine qua non of clove, protection and provides resistance against many diseases. To treat tooth pain while also relieving bad breath is capable of fast and effective results provides.



An essential part of the kitchen, cloves for our health is very important. The smell and the flavor they add to food as well as the contribution to the health of the body is quite large. A powerful antioxidant and antiseptic property of cloves, while providing protection against many diseases that is used in the treatment of various diseases.

Cloves are the dried bud of budding trees logged throughout the year and the remaining IS in the form Yesil Chichewa is obtained. The pink buds turning brown due to drying.

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Carnations grown in tropical regions, Moluccas, Indonesia and the southern Philippinesnative. However, the production for commercial purposes in many countries is ongoing.Zanzibar is the largest producer of cloves in the world.

Known for its health benefits since the days of very old cloves, has been used in the treatment of many diseases. It is rich in content. Calcium, magnesium, potassium andsodium which have a rich content in cloves, vitamin B6, vitamin A, vitamin C, protein, iron, carbohydrates, omega3 and omega6 that is extremely rich in terms of spice.



In terms of Health for many years, the significance of cloves is known and used in the treatment of various diseases it is recommended that you should not be missing from the kitchen. Especially clove which is a powerful antioxidant source cancer, is used in the treatment of many diseases such as hair and nail diseases.

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Clove dental pain and

One of the best known features of cloves is a powerful effect in the treatment of dental pain.It is especially used in toothpaste and put cloves on the aching tooth and the pain disappeared in a short time when you will see that diminished. Clove tea for the treatment of injuries that occur in the mouth also gargle you can.

You can apply clove oil on the same application. When you put clove oil on the aching tooth cotton and put the same effect you will get. Clove, gum pain, as well as overall oral health is very important. Toothpaste, mouthwash, throat sprays and in various dental creams are used.

Bad breath and Carnations

The best known feature that is identical to the smell of cloves in the mouth. Carnation meals you can consume. To prevent bad breath from dental problems, especially if you put it in the same way the cloves in your mouth it will be enough.

The carnation in China everyone to chew, which helps prevent bad breath, it was necessary to speak with the emperor. Prior to speaking with the emperor on behalf of the cloves chewed your breath smell good.

The immune system and clove

Clove, which has antiseptic properties and a powerful antioxidant, strengthen the immune system and provides resistance and protection against various diseases. Effective against the common cold the flu and an protection. Features clove oil after mixing it with water with honey to be consumed by incelttik an effective treatment against the common cold and resistance will provide.

Referred to as the flu during the winter months, sinusitis is one of ailments. Cool weather is increasing with sinusitis complaints were able to get away with clove powder. You can use clove powder carefully pulling the nose allows the clearing of the sinuses.

The essential oil which is very rich in clove, a strong disinfectant, has the property of. The launching of harmful germs and bacteria in the body and allows you to clean up the blood.

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And clove skin health

Clove is used as fat which is usually very important in terms of skin health. Clove oil used in Skin Care provides effective results in the treatment of acne scars from so many problems in.

Which has antibiotic properties, clove, provides effective results in the treatment of acne and pimples. However, it is not recommended to be applied directly to the skin. The clove oilbefore application to skin, you must inceltmel. Clove oil is often applied to hand and face to be thinned with cream.

Clove oil disinfects the skin and inflammation to be free of allows. Outside of acne and pimples, black spots and stains on the skin at the same time enabling it to be cleaned. Clove oil should only be used under specialist supervision used in the treatment of the wound.

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Stress and Clove

Which has sedative properties clove, relax and ask you to calm down . Clove, which is very important in terms of mental health, fatigue takes over and your body will help you relax.Regular, accurate and controlled consumption of cloves in the nervous system has a positive impact on.

Especially people who are under stress complain about their busy work schedule and constantly consume a clove of the nervous system by regulating will allow you to calm and relax them.

Other Benefits Of Cloves;

  • One of the other features carnation is known to be effective against flies that weapon.On fruits like apples or oranges will take 8-10 cloves soaked flies away from the environment. 4-5 hours lasting effect.
  • Also clove to treat a stye . The front sight on an amount of Applied cloves, shallots will yield positive results in the treatment of.
  • Regular, clove and correct use of controlled blood clotting prevents.
  • Your blood sugar regulate. For this reason, it is recommended for diabetics.

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  • You should be quite careful in the consumption of clove oil. Especially clove oil is not applied directly to the skin , and it is suggested that you consume clove oil from the mouths of children.
  • Pregnant women and children the use of clove oil is not recommended. Should consult their doctor prior.
  • Will undergo surgery after surgery to stop the consumption of people who are usually about 2 weeks prior to the cloves. Otherwise, serious bleeding can cause problems.



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