The Benefits Of Crying

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People cry when happy and sad. It is said that crying is harmful to human health, research is if it doesn’t say so. Here is something useful.

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Women cry, men she keeps herself not to cry. We have some bad news for men. Glad you don’t hold yourself upset and cry. May be harmful to you and not to cry.

The Unknown Benefits Of Tears

Secretes Endorphins

Cry to release endorphins causes. Endorphins is a hormone that gives people joy and happiness is known as one among the plant hormones. Endorphins joy “secretion” as well as helps to reduce pain in the body.

Confront your feelings.

Don’t be afraid to cry. So you’ll shoot out your inner feelings. It calms down emotions and let your feelings out you the result you’re confronted with.

Mental Health

Positively affect your mental health. People who don’t cry crying is recovering more quickly than researchers people.


Cry acts as a sedative. The most natural and the most effective medication. Soothes and relaxes people cry people cry because they want to sleep after notice.

It Cleans Our Eyes

Cry your tears, together with throwing away the toxins in the body and it cleans the bacteria in your eyes.


Too much of everything is not good, because the more in tears is not good. Especially if you have a cry for you long-term problems such as shortness of breath can lead to bad results.

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