The Benefits Of Rose Oil

WHAT IS ROSE OIL - The Benefits Of Rose Oil

Rose oil, which is used in herbal medicine since the very old days, the benefits of We have compiled for you.


Fragrant and known for so many years with different color options, which has become a symbol of Beauty, Rose is one of the commonly used herbs in the cosmetic industry. Many cosmetic products, including perfume and skin care creams in the context of rose oil.

Rose fossils were found studies pointing to 40 million years ago. A plant that existed on Earth since the very old days. Since very ancient times roses are taking advantage of health issues and for maintenance purposes. In ancient Rome, women are treated with a mixture prepared by wrinkles. In the Middle Ages, the plant used as medicine.

gul - The Benefits Of Rose Oil

Rose oil used in perfume making directly for the purposes of perfume you can use. Neck and temples, such as the main pressure area by rubbing a single drop of rose oil, you can create the effect of the perfume. Located in many skin care products as well as the contents of the perfume, rose oil, revitalizes the skin and provides relief. However, with carrier oils such as almond oil, rose oil before applying to your skin, it is recommended to file off.Besides all these, add a few drops of rose oil to the water in the shower durulanma the comfort of your home you can capture the feeling of spaciousness.

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Although rose oil is a very useful oil during pregnancy without consulting a doctor should not be used. Oil rose oil which is powerful and intense, can cause severe headaches because of the smell of some people. Like all vegetable oils, rose oil is also imported, the impact may vary from person to person. Depending on your hair type and skin it is suggested that you discontinue use if you see an unexpected effect.

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Nose, throat, blood circulation and the immune system, which provides benefits in many areas such as Rose oil, highly effective oil. Herbal medicine since ancient times, Rose Oil described as asthma, cough, congestion, fever and is used in the treatment of conditions such as. You will benefit from Rose oil in the treatment of respiratory tract diseases at the boiling point add the hot water into a large bowl and add 4-5 drops rose oil. The water vapor is prepared you can breathe.

gul yaginin yararlari - The Benefits Of Rose Oil

Conditions such as sprains, cramps and painkillers, which features rose oil you can easily use. During the application of a hot or cold compress 4-5 drops of rose oil you will use that you can dispense water. The content located in many massage oils, rose oil improves blood circulation and helps to strengthen the immune system.

Spiritually, which enables you to relax thanks to the sweet smell of rose oil, used in the manufacture of perfume. A single drop of rose oil by rubbing your the neck and temple area, you can benefit from the effect of the perfume. To have a pleasant smell which enables you to relax and reduce your stress, helping with rose oil, mix it with lavender oil to the bath water you can add. Thus, you can get rid of mild depression.

gul yaginin faydalari - The Benefits Of Rose Oil

Skin Benefits Of Rose Oil

Rose oil has a very important place in terms of skin health, which, in the content of tannin, gallic acid, anthocyanin, and includes pigeons. In this way, made significant contributions to the health of the skin rose oil is located in many cosmetic products.

Specially crafted for women in the age range of 40-50 located in the case of the existence of a conditioner, rose oil, strengthens and tightens the skin. The content of antioxidants as well as vitamins and Minerals, rose oil moisturizes and softens the skin which is capable of. In this way, it helps to decrease fine wrinkles in the skin.

gul yagi ile cilt bakimi - The Benefits Of Rose Oil

Content is located in many cosmetic products, rose oil, by adding your cream and moisturizer you can use. Rose oil helps to get an effective result in the skin by minimizing irritation and allergies. Using moisturizer of rose oil added to the cream and the inflammation in the skin, herpes and eczema you can relieve problems such as.

gul yagi ve cilt bakimi - The Benefits Of Rose Oil

Rose oil, which has antiseptic properties, preventing the formation of bacteria in the skin by minimizes the problems that occur. Over time, settles into the pores of the skin and acne harmful bacteria in the skin and causes acne. The property is located you can use it as makeup remover purifying rose oil. Rose oil, it enables the recovery of your skin and vitality to gain.

Important features from each other, which has rose oil, the skin is highly effective against scars. For acne scars, scar, birthmark and stretch marks often used for cases such as Rose Oil. Rose oil offers a highly effective solution for scars of the skin.


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