The Benefits Of Rosehip Tea

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Consume herbal teas to relax in especially cold times. Herbal tea rose hip tea, which is one of what are the benefits of rosehip tea is preparing, and how?

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The fruit of the Rose known as Rose Hips. Which can reach up to 3 meters this plant is quite fragrant white flowers are in bloom. After opening Chichewa sheds its leaves, similar to Rose and rosehip fruit is revealed. Europe, North Africa and Asiathe plants that grow naturally in temperate climates is quite beneficial for our health. Good which store rosehip vitamin C,colds, flu, colds good for development, such asr.

Rosehip Plant

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In Terms Of Our Health Benefits

Regulates blood pressure

Helps relieve the pain of rheumatism

Hibiscus along with reduces bad cholesterol.

Protects against diabetes

By strengthening our immune system protects our body against germs

Is used to treat the common cold

It gives a natural glow to the skin

Is slowing down the spread of cancerous cells

Protects against urinary diseases.

Well, How To Make Rose Hip Tea

Rosehip can be used in different ways, but most are consumed by tea. A good rosehip tea to prepare half a litre of boiled water into it 2 tablespoons of dried and crushed stems .Take it over the fire and boil. Leave to rest for 10 minutes after turning off the stove.Afterwards you can consume. To achieve different flavors or you can add dried mint Mallow.Bon Appetit

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