The Benefits Of The Tea Remaining In The Pot

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Do not throw away the remaining tea in the pot, the pot of tea in the benefits. The benefits of the unknown.

You got your tea in the pot to pour the tea in the pot and you don’t make it in the trash, there are so many benefits that we don’t know either. Here’s the benefits of stale tea, we pour it in the trash;

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Gives Shine To The Hair

After washing your hair with shampoo rinse it with the water in the pot of water. You’ll see how your hair shines. Say goodbye to dull hair with tea water.

Foot Odor Verbatim

Tired from work when you get home, put your feet into a basin of warm tea, and keep for 10 minutes every night before bed. A short span of 10 days get rid of foot odor

Sore throat

Cooled pulp is filtered to gargle in sore throat you can use it to demi.

For Oily Skin

Your skin is very oily ; the bathroom before you leave and rub your skin with a pot of tea water as a final rinse, your skin will feel cleansed of oil.

To clean wounds

Cleaning the wounds in your skin and the antibiotics to kick in for tea, you can benefit by driving them to the wound with cotton.

Your hand the fish, the smell of onions

Ayikladin fish; onion with soap after you washed your hands you butchered, you still stink?We all happens from time to time, and to our great efforts going to waste. Kutulamiy from the pervasive stench of a kind in our hands that we don’t get rid of the formula: strong tea wash with your hand. See, onions, the smell of fish does it leave a trace?

Capaklaniyo your eyes?

The remaining tea in the pot capaklanan eyes cotton wipe.So should be out of your eyes.

Does it make your refrigerator Smell?

The dregs of the tea in the pot in a container that is stuck in their drying place on the middle shelf of the refrigerator, you will see the Cabinet from the root of won’t work.

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