The Carnation Flower Is Grown How?

clove - The Carnation Flower Is Grown How?

The Carnation Flower Is Grown How?

Carnations bouquet with colorful flowers always adds energy and fragrance would you like to learn more detailed information about mis?

Clove, Botanical name Dianthus Caryophyllus, Karanfilgiller (Caryophyllaceae) is a flower that belongs to the family. Horticulture, which is indispensable for cutting carnation flowers, white, pink, red colors, weights can be in many colors including. Carnations in greenhouses can be produced each season, for this reason, the prices of cloves would watch them so high. There are 2,000 species known to have more than 80 kinds of carnations.

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The benefits of cloves clove spice like from the first on everyone’s mind will come. The Spice had nothing to do with with the flower carnation. So the clove tree and the flower are separate things. But a team of present the benefits of the carnation flower. One of these, the best known of these cough expectorant property and use it to cut the work.

How It Is Grown Carnations?
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  • Clove, chichewa is not difficult to grow. Even though it is more amenable to be grown in the open air in the house is a plant that can be grown. In this case, the sun must be able to receive at least one of a 5 day. Without enough light may slow the development of the cloves. However, it is very light, although the temperature is excessive, chichewa efficiency will decrease. For this reason, if you grow carnations in your garden to plant your plants in an area that can golgeleneb is recommended. At home, in pots, when you are looking at the carnation shade during the summer heat wave your specific hours of the day, it will be useful to get started.
  • Carnations can grow in the soil is not very specific. It is possible to grow carnations in almost any soil. Carnations of your choice if you want to get efficient however, if the degree of soil acidity are of great importance. The soil pH should be higher than this 5.5.
  • Cloves of the soil the amount of humus is increased, the more healthy carnations can be obtained. You can see it useful if you could feed the soil naturally.
  • Clove watering needs moisture and water to the leaves should be taken into consideration as well as fisfislanma Dec.
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    Carnation flowers can be kept constant day and night temperature will be directly affected from this situation. According to the type of plant, these temperature changes in the summer of 18 and 22 degrees Celsius in winter temperature between 10 and 15 degrees is suitable.

  • Temperatures below 7 degrees although chichewa has a positive influence on the quality and the formation, development, and growth slows down.
  • Clove doesn’t like juice very much. For this reason, watering should be made as the soil dries. You can expect to even dry out the soil too much. During this wait, the leaves provide moisture to the plant’s water fisfislamay Dec Dec remember, of course.
  • In a pot of carnations necessarily there should be drainage holes. Go run the water in the case of root rot will occur.
  • As soon as the flowers fade, the plant should not be left on clove. With a sterile knife or scissors only-it is recommended to cut out the flowers.
  • If the ventilation should not neglect if you grow carnations in greenhouses. Also for cleaning the inside of the greenhouse is another important detail.
Clove Replication

Cloves which can be produced in a greenhouse or your garden every season if you want to cultivate in your home we recommend that you wait for the end of the summer. Clove is more than one way replication. Steel is the best known and the most frequently used method is replication.

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Steel clove replication


The end of the summer, in the month of August begins with steel replication is finished in the middle of February. If you grow cloves if type is a long in place (such as the Mediterranean region) you can start this process the end of October or beginning of November. The cloves easily separated from the stalk of the steels can be manufactured with polyethylene chichewa.

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Chichewa is primarily made with a sharp sterile scissors or a knife for this process, we’re cutting up to 10 cm. During this process, the Cross Segment. (As in the image on the right)

We’re cutting the remaining leaves on the handle then with the same knife. What twig or a leaf we’ll be possible manually, as usual. Suitable to cultivate the soil we are planting the cloves, then our steel.

They will be directly exposed to sunlight and in an area with room temperature first we’re holding. Irrigate immediately after flowering is completed and we can sew up rooted seedlings in their place.

Chichewa chichewa with steel and other replication methods to learn the details of replication replication methods Chichewa we recommend that you review our article.

Clove immersion method with replication

If you have a clove seedlings early flowering if the weather is warm the flower begins to fade on the spring region. Chichewa ¶ and after these get cut off non-flowering branches dipping to the ground with the method add. In this method, the branch and leans toward the ground from the tip planted in the ground without breaking. After a while, your new burgeoning carnations. You can apply the same method to the rest of the summer. Spread it thoroughly before the cold of winter seedlings into individual pots, you can get the new.

Let’s examine some common issues related to care and detail the answers to the questions cloves.

  • My yard /my flowers it doesn’t look steep cloves in a pot.

The carnation flower parts in case of failure of fixation in some species of chichewa weight and can Tilt. Cloves if if you have prolonged length and slope inclination if you’ve noticed, you can pin them using rods. Plunge the pots to the bottom of thin dry twigs, which you may also undertake this task.

  • There’s a wolf in the clove plant’s soil.

You founded the earth, cloves is one of the most common ailments. Primarily in order to cope with this change and the soil and the pots in the meantime, you can extract the wolves. The remaining wolves gathered here then you can get by opening a hole under the pot. If wolves can dry in a short time not to interfere with the Finnish coast.

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  • Clove will be trimmed?

Clove need pruning, budandi when one of the plants yield quite a beating. The first step in the pruning of the fading flowers cleaning. Pale flowers remaining on the plant re-flowering will delay. Trimming the ends of the branches before flowering can be repeated. Some of the branches cut off new growth, but the size of this amount should not be excessive and should be set well. The base of the plant from at least 6 – 7 Double reciprocal to stay a leaf pruning must be performed.

This receiving end is called. The plant is important for strengthening.

  • Whatever I do opens more chichewa carnation plants?

First, it is important that you do more pruning for flowering. Timely and accurate pruning a direct effect on flowering.

  • I want to get bigger carnation flowers.

If there could be a few reasons for this small flowering carnations we grow. More budding and are the most common causes is growing at a very high temperature. Taking care not to let your plants in the heat of summer. The larger the reducing power of the plant that grows the buds to flowers the flowers are given to ensure that you can.

For this, the plant is yet to ciceklemed, while in the budding stage, while the one bud from the stem and leave the other buds that separate from the plant.

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