The causes and treatment of bruxism

dis sikma - The causes and treatment of bruxism

It makes you aware of and maybe not even most people. Of course, there’s a reason for that. We shoot and why we are here what is the treatment? Our news.

dis sikma 300x186 - The causes and treatment of bruxism

Type name of bruxism mostly occurs during sleep. This event, which took place outside of chewing and swallowing function of money (unwanted movements functional) is called. Night bruxism, swallowing, and chewing is an act that arose out of the gums. Is a common complication in society.

External reasons for tightening, the first one is stress. Closing the second disorder. Wear on the teeth a result of tooth extraction, breakage can occur. Facial and neck muscles painoccurs. The lower face height decreases, the tip of the jaw and the tip of the nose to each other and even more aged appearance occurs. By the time the lower jaw comes forward.Thus, the profile changes to the image will occur. Your face may look boxy or square. Habits may experience bruxism during the day and night begins to show itself as it progresses. It is possible to get rid of your discomfort treatment is simply the application of tooth.


Bruxism Treatment

Implanted between the teeth of the upper and lower jaws which are applied by dentists “Guardians of the night”, used in the symptomatic treatment of grinding his teeth. The Guardians of the night, but this alone may not solve the problem. So, additional treatments may be necessary. These stress therapy, Nov relaxants, etc.

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