The construction of the relationship of cardio and Nov

cardiyo2 - The construction of the relationship of cardio and Nov

Cardio exercises are usually the choice of those who want to lose weight. Exercises are seen as unnecessary for those who want to make Nov. We investigated different opinions about the subject. There is a relationship between the construction of and Nov cardio? Here is the answer…


Most bodybuilder, build Nov and volume to gain efforts. Fears that he could lose those muscles with cardio exercises. Do these exercises to keep your heart rate high for a long time at a high rhythm and is wasting calories. It is important that the necessary energy is provided how for the calories spent. The body use different methods in this regard. The warehouse is kept in glucoseprotein and fats by using the necessary energy requirements.

Glucose in the body, usually the liver and muscles is stored. In case of sudden need in energy production is located in the front row. The oils that have the most potential energy of the body also grows other resources to the rescue. Use of oil is very important for the body. For more than fat tissue, and are evaluated on the molecular basis when compared to twice as much energy as glucose is valuable for bringing it up. Metabolism of fat as the first source wants to use. When it comes to the topic of protein that constitute the basic structure of the muscles are proteins. Proteins are also used during energy needs, andprotein is melting, so the use of the muscles.

kardiyo1 - The construction of the relationship of cardio and Nov

Nov athletes while striving to make the cardio exercises with the evil eye is looking from the existing casing. The main goal of cardio is to lose weight. Rapid results method is recommended for overweight people to lose weight not only to those who want to be perceived as special caused. At the same time frequently are preferred by athletes because it provides stamina and endurance. Bodybuilders usually do not prefer because of the aforementioned reasons. This is a false idea, and has been proven with research.

They force their bodies to repair the volume bodybuilders eating right to build muscles and thus to win new work. NOV is considered to have the nutrition is the most important issue to improve that. However, research suggests that the development of the muscles that cardio is a must. Cardio increases the blood vessels in the body and expands them. Useful to restore better blood flow to the heart. That is the thing that muscles nourish blood, given the development of blood vessels so more oxygen and more nutrients to the muscles of the transport means.



kardiyo2 - The construction of the relationship of cardio and Nov

Strengthening the vascular network in the body and increases the speed of regeneration of the body. Blood how fast and how comfortable if that area will move to repair with nutrients that increases the speed. By repairing the muscles after bodybuilding training is to develop on the basis of shred and considering that this sport is looking for people who are interested in the interpretation of that Blessing can be made. If this is what is to be measured needs to be noted in this regard.

Don put down for cardio it is important to measure. Long-term high-paced cardio exercises, beneficial to the body, is not harmful. This method definitely is not recommended especially harmful for the heart. When we think of Marathon athletes, challenging them on their long runs, cardio processes requires them to do so. In order to bring out such a high point of fitness in the metabolism remains in a position to make some changes. For example, the heart of the marathoner to the muscles and kind of short compared to other athletes they’re all old. The reason for this is due to pump blood at a high tempo throughout 40 km evolved in order to protect yourself.

patlama egzersizi - The construction of the relationship of cardio and Nov

According to research studies, the human body, at the same pace long-term movementsinstead of making short-term variable-paced movements are programmed according.Experts about this topic since the time of hunting human beings in order to escape from sudden danger in the short term is equipped to be able to have a run says. A sudden explosion in the body always has a high impact movements. Instead of a brisk jog hard for 30 minutes, this time for 3 minutes slow3 minutes fast running will keep you more alive in the form of the complete metabolism. Your metabolic rate will not fall even after it has finished running and sweating will continue.

As we have mentioned above while doing cardio, the body will be in need of energy, and this energy will seek to provide storage. Store muscles the necessary energy must be provided in order to protect valued in him. At this point, to be considered the other important point is nutrition. People who cardio exercise to lose weight if they eat less food, the muscles of the body meet its energy needs from can’t help. So, they’ll lose weight, but they experience the loss of Nov. To avoid this, the weighted protein should be fed.

maratoncu hiz kosucusu - The construction of the relationship of cardio and Nov

Marathoner and 100-meter runner

People who play sports to lose weight by eating to prevent the loss of needed Nov. Protein, carbohydrate and fat intake balanced with cardio exercise is necessary. If your metabolism into famine by taking enough nutrients to survive for a longer time if yourself instinctively responds. Into famine mode, your metabolism will tend to prepare for hard times when the body through storing it as fat. For this, first the muscles of the energy source you will use and will result in the loss of Nov.

As a result, for those who want to make the Nov, cardio is important. Nov cardio performed directly, but indirectly development. Short-and variable-paced kardiyol to be made to renew both your body and your muscles they will help you surprise your arteries. Combined with a balanced diet plan and good – will precede the loss of Nov, prevent injuries and at the same time, accelerate the construction of Nov.



kosu bandi - The construction of the relationship of cardio and Nov

What should be noted here, weight studied after the workout, the more tired muscles with cardio that should not be in the same area. Or light cardio exercises on different days, should be applied on brisk days. Otherwise, the benefit will not hurt it.

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