The Dangers Of Sugar

The Dangers Of Sugar - The Dangers Of Sugar

Sugar is the harm to human health is greater. The body needs glucose, but the right foods and the correct amount for consumption should be considered.

The Dangers Of Sugar

Sugar has a big place in our lives, but this situation is not very encouraging. The consumption of sugar is gradually increasing and reaches different heights. Almost every food we consume in beverages and candy. Even natural sugar in fruits and vegetables containing certain proportions, but ready-sugar foods and drinks we consume can be the result of. Excessive consumption of sugar is a recipe for many diseases. It even has a negative impact on future generations. So take precautions for consumption should be considered.Is seen to increase the risk of heart diseases and can trigger a heart attack.Excessive sugar consumption lead to obesity.

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For drinks with a fructose content as a result of maturation of the fat I accumulated. This is frequently the beverages we drink, and the next generation of individuals who caught the disease because of obesity, excessive weight gain cause. Sugar, and especially belly fat around the waist increases the rate of. The regional leads to this amorphous body types and lubrication.Sugar is named as the silent killer. Causing diseases without showing no signs or symptoms leads. By damaging the immune system, bacteria, viruses, reduces the resistance against microorganisms. The body needs sugar, but sugar taken in excess it has toxic effects.

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Created by the liver creates the effect of alcohol. Pregnancy and nursing mothers the excess sugar in the baby if you are loading may have negative consequences in the development of Nov. Women may be caused by ovarian cancer. Causes premature aging. The impact of sugar on eye health is enormous. Vision problems, and can cause cataracts. Vitamin E in the blood reduces. Alcohol addiction can do. Excessive sugar consumption in children moodiness, anxiety, and hyperactivity. So, it should be noted that the consumption of sugar.The solution is non-caused diseases should not be.For future generations to have healthy and robust and reduce the consumption of sugar for a structure to be considered should be given importance.

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