The Dangers Of Walking Barefoot

The Zen of Barefoot Walking - The Dangers Of Walking Barefoot

You can’t imagine the damage to your feet walking barefoot. Experts have issued warnings about walk barefoot.

indir 9 - The Dangers Of Walking Barefoot

Nasser if you like to wander barefoot if you have problems in one, you are doing yourself a disservice. The existence of Nazareth actually formed in tahrisli protect your foot area. So, when you rubbed your foot on a hard surface means the formation of calluses and thickening of the skin that causes irritation of the skin. Nasser thus protects that region.

Only the feet are not seen in the thickening of the skin. Mostly seen on the legs. One of the reasons for the formation of calluses or wear tight narrow shoes, hard on the floor, you rub two fingers together, the friction that gives rise Nasser’s even among the reasons.

What Are The Symptoms Of Nasser?

Sharp pain the symptoms most manifested. Mild Calluses out in pain much deep and wide-ranging in Nazareth in the region of the pain is very severe and Nasser thickening is seen.

Nassser the cause unsuitable for your foot structure shoes, very high heels, barefoot, foot stomp to the formation of calluses and the wrong reason.

You ought to consult a doctor to get rid of Calluses. Don’t try to cut Calluses yourself.Otherwise, you can create your skin cutouts

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