The diagnosis of polymyositis and treatment methods

What Is Polymyositis - The diagnosis of polymyositis and treatment methods

Polymyositis disease? What are the symptoms of this disease?


What Is Polymyositis?

Polymyositis, rheumatism inflamed it is known as Nov among people. Fibres of inflammatory cells of the immune system attack takes place Nov. Nov as a result of cell death is unable to function. Nov developing this condition because of weakness. Polymyositis is a disease that affects only adults. Compared to men, are seen most often in women. The origin of this disease is unknown.


polimiyozit teshisi ve tedavi yontemleri - The diagnosis of polymyositis and treatment methods


For the treatment of Moyamoya disease treatment of this disease can last for months or even years but it is possible. In some cases, rarely heal spontaneously. This disease leads to different diseases in some people. Polymyositis and symptoms of disease presents itself with different situations. In people it causes a lot of trouble and negativity. Therefore must be treated. Early diagnosis and treatment is important.


What Are Symptoms Of Polymyositis?

Moyamoya disease, a symptom of weakness serves as Nov. Nov usually severe can be experienced as weakness. Weakness of the arms and legs, weakness is seen. A state of constant fatigue is available. Limits a person’s movements weakness in arms and legs.


polimyozit teshisi ve tedavi yontemleri 001 - The diagnosis of polymyositis and treatment methods


When scanning these individuals hair, raise the arms up, walking, falling suddenly encounter a situation like this. Even further in size to become the person he can’t sit up on his own. The eclipse of the respiratory muscles in the normal way as a result of breathing difficulty is experienced. Symptoms such as breathing difficulties are observed.


polimiyozit teshisi ve tedavi yontemleri 001 - The diagnosis of polymyositis and treatment methods

People experienced difficulty in breathing. In some cases, heart palpitations occur. Affected with this condition of the heart muscle occurs. Suddenly developing heart palpitations. Some changes will occur in the fingers. Usually these changes can be experienced on your toes.The change of color on your toes. This pale fading and beyazlasma.

  • Fatigue
  • Nov severe weakness
  • Weakness in the arms
  • Weakness in the legs
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Palpitations
  • Changes in color on your toes


Treatment Of Polymyositis

We are able to cure disease polymyositis important, but early diagnosis and treatment of the disease. If more severe cases are seen late, early treatment and longer treatment if the patient’s complaints are faced with a process. The duration of treatment varies from patient to patient.


polimiyozit teshisi ve tedavi yontemleri 004 - The diagnosis of polymyositis and treatment methods


In the same way that is used the dose of drug varies from patient to patient. The status is a response to the drug treatment, referring the patient’s body. Moyamoya disease in drug therapy as the treatment is applied. Cortisone in the treatment of drug medications are used.At the beginning of the first treatment is given at high dose cortisone treatment.


polimiyozit teshisi ve tedavi yontemleri 002 - The diagnosis of polymyositis and treatment methods


Continues to behave this way for a certain time. On the occurrence of Nov in the strength of the patient’s complaints and if improvement is observed, the dose of cortisone is reduced. As a single of cortisone treatment is not implemented, because like other drugs, there are different side effects of steroids. Therefore, treatment with drugs that suppress the immune system is located.



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