The Energy Stored In The Ice

834 - The Energy Stored In The Ice

Tiredness, fatigue and the problem of adaptation The problem of the ice cube no longer able to solve with the method applied with

834 300x145 - The Energy Stored In The Ice

This technique is not a drug, but to find the balance and provides a refresher of the body of a method is said to be. Tiredness and fatigue felt during the day so the place of this technique, you are expected to leave the energy.

This technique is to do with the Chinese acupuncture, and the point you place the ice cube in the name of Feng Fu, so “wind home” means said.

enerji - The Energy Stored In The Ice

FEEL 20 minutes of VIGOROUS
ice cube is the red dot shown in the picture. Felt the cold in the first place, thirty, forty seconds later, you will begin to feel the temperature. Every day I repeated the application if the secretion of the hormone endorphin in your blood will allow this cube.

However, this method;
– sleep
– better digestion
– resistance to the flu
– less joints, teeth and headache
– better breathing
– omurgasal issues and treatment of Neurological Disorders
– sexually transmitted diseases
– intestinal disorders
– thyroid problems
– Hypertension
– Asthma
– Obesity,
Insomnia, chronic fatigue, depression, stress and psycho-emotional disorders.

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