The ESP system and how does it work?

NEWS.UPLOAD IMAGEnew.6f3b1fc8 57ab 45c4 ac84 8831a668595b - The ESP system and how does it work?

The main purpose of the ESP of the vehicle passing in front of the swing.

This system is manufactured by Bosch ESP system and the vehicle into first in 2006, 42% fewer accidents it was observed that they did.

Let’s see how it works now. In order for ESP to work the system, The first vehicle from sensors in various locations of the ESP system should be the information sent to the brain. This information the vehicle’s speed, steering wheel angle information such as. Then, quickly the wheels spinning in vain and this information is interpreted by the ESP system is detected.

The ESP system brake is applied in a controlled manner by rotating the wheels in vain, and thus to increase the grip of the wheels is provided. The road that clings to the wheels no longer transmit power to the ground to begin with. In this way, the swing of the vehicle is prevented or reduced. If anyone wants to go in the direction in which the vehicle starts to go in that direction.

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