The First Computer Programmer Ada Lovelace

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Augusta Ada Byron 10 December 1815, Piccadilly Square, Middlesex (now London), was born in England. Ada Lovelace (full name Augusta Ada King, and the title, Countess of Lovelace) distinguished and influential mathematician, was the world’s first computer programmer and author.

Flour10053 ada   kopya 300x332 - The First Computer Programmer Ada LovelaceLovelace, daughter of English poet Lord Byron Lu, “analyst and metaphysician” as saw that he was attracted to phrenology and hypnosis and giving up too. Met mathematician Charles babbage in 1833 at the age of 17 with a close cooperation. A large part of his career, babbage’s “Analytical Engine” which he called “the analytical machine”(1837-developed general-purpose mechanical computer) outstanding contribution from occurred.

Mother Annabella Milbanke Byron and Lord Byron, separated soon after his birth, and so are given full custody of the island by UK law although the UK giving up your parental rights and left. Monthly Annabella Byron kirkby Mallory Leicestershire with a name, he moved away.

She knew her mother was the only parent. The mother-daughter relationship wasn’t very good. As a result, the name always remained in the care of his grandmother. Lord Byron, in 1824, died from fever in Greece when the name of the illness was eight years old. So the little girl got a chance to know her father. Ada lovelace and throughout his life he suffered from various health problems, and in 1829 was paralyzed. By the time he recovered and walked on crutches 1831.

As a child prodigy Ada Lovelace, especially since the early years scientific developments and was a math geek. Designed a flying machine at the age of 13. Teachers were trained by the famous mathematician and astronomer Mary Somerville including selecting. Somerville introduced her to Charles babbage for many years and have great respect for correspondence.

The name almost from Avenging his father by the mother and father genetic personality tendencies may be inherited from logic and Mathematics education who believes that even the smallest will affect disciplines is redirected. A professor of mathematics at the University of London to the career of Augustus de Morgan was a big support.

L10053 analyticalmachine babbage london 300x251 - The First Computer Programmer Ada Lovelaceovelace Cambridge mathematician Charles babbage between the years of 1842-1843 at the request of the Italian engineer Luigi to start translating the article from French menabrea was the turning point in his career. This translation has added to the philosophy of artificial intelligence, logic programming, and developing with notes on their own and increasingly created. The name, notes, numbers, letters and symbols along with explained how the machine code can be generated that will address.Calculate the Bernoulli numbers, and to solve complex problems proposed general-purpose algorithm that can be programmed like a computer showing an mechanical prepared. This is the first algorithm that was developed for application on a computer. In 1953, the analytical model was accepted as the first computer machine.In addition, the machine found the theory of a method to repeat a sequence of instructions. Nowadays computer programs that uses this invention (loop) is known as.

In 1835 the island, 8 July, 8. She married Baron William King and had three children. In 1838 became the Countess of Lovelace. Around names such as Charles Dickens and Michael Faraday. Babbage his analytical skills and highly developed intellectual abilities can be affected by the island with “the wizard of the numbers,” he said. Besides being the first computer programmer Lovelace, “the nervous system” termed as a mathematical model created. Extremely detailed notes simply “Notes” published in 1843 captioned.“Notes” are the main source of success in life, and also to foresee future developments is considered the first computer program of the computer.

27 November 1852 Ada lovelace at the age of 36 due to uterine cancer lost their lives. Upon request, never-before-couldn’t see himself next to his father who died at the age of 36, and was buried in the Church of St. Mary Magdalene in Nottingham hucknall.

The death of a century later, in 1953, the analytical model was accepted as the first computer machine.
In 1980, the U.S. Defense Department into a new computer language developed by “the island” gave the name.

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