The hanging gardens of Babylon

The hanging gardens of Babylon. e1555920525369 - The hanging gardens of Babylon

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon is considered one of the seven wonders of the world; however, its location cannot be clearly revealed.The general opinion is that the name of Babylonia in Iraq was known in the past, and it is claimed that the garden in question is located near Hillah today. In most sources, the gardens are associated with the 2nd King Nebuchadnezzar, but there is no archaeological evidence of gardens.

The hanging gardens of Babylon. e1555920525369 - The hanging gardens of Babylon

Various legends are described on the subject. According to a legend, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon were built by his wife Nebuchadnezzar, who had been a fan of Queen Amytisin ‘s greens and valleys. As Nebuchadnezzar the King had built the enormous palace known as The Morvel of the Mankind (the Wonders of Humanity), it is common to see these gardens in the myth. The fact that there is no proof about this and the fact that no visible finds can be exhibited, is the only legend that these gardens described as b wonderful bulun. Another theory comes from the fact that the ancient Greek and Roman philosophers have imagined that such a structure would be imaginatively designed and told to its students in order to explain the fertility and romanticism of the east.

The hanging gardens of Babylon - The hanging gardens of BabylonAs an alternative to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Ninova is presented by the King of Assyria by Sanherib, built on the Tigris River near Mosul. The lack of any evidence of the Babylonian Hanging Gardens in the scientific and historical sources, and the fact that the structure of any natural beauty in this region has not been associated with the wife of Nebuchadnezzar, implies that the Babylonian Vine Gardens, which are described as immense beauty, do not actually exist. Heradobus carried to the works of Babeli under Nebuchadnezz; however, he did not mention a single line of hanging gardens. Although there are not even 1 garden stone to date, some scientists argue that evidence remains under the Euphrates River. However, even with these evidence, it would not be very safe to do excavation work underneath the river.

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The hanging gardens of Babylon  - The hanging gardens of BabylonSanheribin, the king of the Syriac, can sometimes be confused with the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and sometimes alternate with each other. Dalley, the researcher, argues that the gardens in Nineveh were built to remind them of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Dalley bases his arguments on the Akadian inscriptions, which were solved by dissolving many sources.

The important points related to these arguments are the following;

– Babylon name means ”The Gate of God -. In many societies involved in the Mesopotamian civilization, Babylon is a city name that has been used several times. Sanheribin is also known to want to commemorate the city in this way.

The hanging gardens of Babylon 1 - The hanging gardens of Babylon

– Although many sources related to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon indicate the Nebuchadnezzis king of the period, no inscription of garden or engineering works in any inscription left by the king raises doubts about the subject. However, Sanherib has written inscriptions on water engineering and gardening. The grandson of Sanheribin, Assurbanipal, made a garden-themed drawing in a hole in the wall of the Sanheribin palace.

Again Sanherib described his newly built palace and the garden of his palace as ve a miracle for all people -. It is clear that Sanheribin, who explains the mechanisms that raise water in the garden, is closer to the concept of Hanging Gardens of Babylon.


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