The Importance Of Breakfast For Children !

food child - The Importance Of Breakfast For Children !

Nutritionis related with definitely read a post where we are witnessing that highlighted the importance of breakfast. Have you ever thought what? Breakfast is so important while children breakfasthow important it is? Of course, two times is more important than nutrition for an adult. The children’s physical, mental and emotional are individuals who have recently completed their development. Them to be more useful to society in the future in terms of skill of all body functions in a very healthy way should work.

breekfast child - The Importance Of Breakfast For Children !

What Should Be A Nutritious Breakfast For Children ?

  • Dear parents, your child will decide for themselves when and where they will eat, but what food you decide. Therefore, the healthiest nutrients for your child each morning to prepare a breakfast consisting of breakfast and thus lead them to never give up like you are. Children 3 main meals a day 2 meals in Dec nutritions will always be the best. Now children a daily breakfast menu in the sort;
    • 1 cup milk, 2 slices bread, cheese, 1 egg, 1 sliced tomato, some olives,
    • 1 cup freshly squeezed fruit juice, 1 slice of bread with jam, 1 egg , cheese,
    • 1 cup milk, eggs, cheese, 6 – 7 walnuts, a slice of bread, tomato,
    • 1 cup milk, egg, and molasses with a mixture of tahini, 1 orange, cheese, 2 slices of bread

The breakfast menu for childrenin addition to what we would like to say if your children consume milk instead if you want to, you certainly should acquire the habit of eating yogurt at breakfast. For bone development is imperative. Also, I don’t know if you noticed, but in the menu because we did not make tea tea reduces the nutritional value of the food consumed during the diet. However, the open-and-sour when consumed their nutritional value does not have a great impact.

Breakfast For Children Effect !

  • Helps start the day more energetic,
  • Concentration, strengthens the perception easy,
  • The body easily does not lose resistance, and fatigue for a long time feel
  • Balance your blood sugar, strengthens your bones and thus plays an important role in improving durability.

Our children are our most valuable assets, and pay much attention to their diet for their development, and at every opportunity the importance of breakfast, please do not hesitate to emphasize ni..

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