The Importance Of Toilet Training Children

baby toilet - The Importance Of Toilet Training Children
Children of Toilet training that can be given in the most appropriate age range 18 months-3 years old. The appropriate time, you can determine whether your child is ready for Toilet training best for you. For this we need to observe your child’s good behaviour.Now able to get requests verbally or by pointing, asking questions and started looking around, see if she can take down their pants, playing with toys, running them to the bathroom (this condition can be observed more in girls.), with what they say or if it moves when it’s in the bathroom, the cloth of the wet-your child is ready for Toilet training if he feels comfortable with being dirty.
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We Should Do What Is In The Process Of Toilet Training

* Provide a good communication with your child is very important in this process. You should no longer use underwear instead of cloth that she grew up with him in a soft voice that you must tell. I can get along with her colorful underwear you might like.
* Place the potty in the toilet for the first phase choosing a stationary than the height of your child and I fall into fear will go away. Potty and ask her if you could take me with you while you are taking your child to potty training you’ll be ahead if you get points. Your child will feel grown up to give him the opportunity to make choices and self-confidence will increase.
* Gender factor in Toilet training male children of mothers to their daughters is important because the faster and the father of the child to education in self-confidence will allow you to learn.
* After that, your child seated on the potty at 2 to 3 hour intervals. This time,I feed from fifteen-twenty minutes later-your child’s gesture, facial expressions and taking account of the words that gave the alarm you can set.
* If you are unable to make your child sit still for a long time, you might like to get a story in a book, magazine you can give. You should be careful not to give cell phone.
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* After making your Toilet, have your child re-bezlemem you should. Re-going to the toilet with him in the process of feed liquid food especially with vegetable dishes you should pay attention to. your child’s intestines moving, while training will allow you to learn how to make her pee with a poop.
*After making your Toilet, ” good job, now look how you are…” with sentences like encourage him. Reward with small gifts. But none of this is exaggerated. Boy, should feel that it is a natural process in the bathroom. Otherwise, this process may extend. May not be able to overcome your fears.

* Never give up just because she doesn’t get it, you will learn how it’s so easy if you are patient and gentle.
* Cannot or exaggerated responses when he gave her absolutely don’t be mad. The necessity of actualy tell her this.
* Toilet training, the more important the cleaning after Toilet training is also very important. How your kid should be cleaned up (if it’s a girl from front to back) , self Laundry wear them to cause-and-effect relationship you can teach by telling.
* In addition to the training you provide during the day, at night you should continue with the training. You should stop giving your child solid foods before bedtime. While you should invest bezlemed. Mattress protector that you use will be an appropriate choice for accidents that will occur in the first place. No longer your child before bedtime if you are using the cloth for this reason, tell him to call you when comes in the night to pee. Two-you’ll see things getting better after the accident. This should not be forgotten because it is much more difficult the control of the muscles of the night until the age of 5 experts claim that wetting the bed is natural.
* In light of the above information that you made that is failing despite the passage of all the trials in a very long time if you think it would be useful to consult a child psychiatrist. All parents healthy, happy, peaceful, successful wishes ease for individuals to educate…

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