The meaning of hand gestures and body language hands

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The meaning of hand gestures and body language hands

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Hands are the organs that it uses to express a person’s thoughts easily. Because of this, hands, body language is the highest organ of the eye.Especially important is used to emphasize the subject observed hands. Hand gestures, conversation and chilling out provides a facilitating effect more( relaxed ), faster, more understandable, more helps to talk to hover. Due to the effect of facilitating the conversation of hand gestures, even the person who speaks on the phone, the other party themselves without having seen the hand, the arm movement they work by helping to their own conversations. Hands at the same time is the most important tool of Defense for the person.

The correct approximation of the hands to the body, tension, and uncertainty is an expression of surrender. Speak very good, even on people who fail to use their hands and they put their hands on their legs, in the event that a slowdown in speech, the person’s speech was not weak and it is important to highlight. So, the hands attached to the body when it’s too long people can’t talk. The soldiers to be kept in ready condition, it was shown that the preponderance of their speech. Comment on doing, talking, thinking, and that means, because of this understanding the body language of the soldiers is also smuggled to shape the future.

Stood with both hands glued to the legs and unable to talk while the person does not think in a creative way. If the person you want to be able to think and to talk, If you will need to glue the legs to the hands of the person. People shall speak at the same time as he couldn’t think creatively while in this posture. If the shape after a while of talking to the person who has speech difficulties and the person will begin the conversation will end. While in this posture of the soldiers to respond to staccato is the reason.When a student of any topic anlattirirk a way to stop this if requested, the student will begin to fail after a very short time and then to explain, will be completely cut off. Because students do not think of when you were in this posture. The shape of the body to be brought to think and to talk to both hampers.

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Palms up, I’m a threat to you, my hands are empty, my hands there’s nothing to hurt you, I’m not a threat to you, you can trust me. Handful of people, I won’t hurt you mean. The lifting of the hand upward again, means that will not harm the person. So, represents the confidence to be the hands upward. The people in this movement means you can count on me.Therefore selection on the bus while politicians in the square in the Square before the time they would speak to the people in the air to show me your palms your hands hold up. Thus, in the square to the people, you hurt me, there’s nothing that will harm you in my hands, I didn’t come here to create a threat to you, you can count on me trying to give an image. Might hands a person, that can cause harm is the most important tool. So, the most important people in the hands of one of the defense mechanisms.For this reason, they call the police catch a criminal and put their hands up or put it on your head and your hands where we can see the person by saying they’ll be able to get. Because captured, but people with their hands in an attack can be found. Of the blank showing the opposite side of the hands, I don’t want to hurt you, I’m not a danger to you, to give the image is working. Actually that is a very important point that can detect in an image-conscious manner.When you do this movement you, the other person automatically in the form of the subconscious and the unconscious perceives this person going to hurt me. Beggars asking you to help by opening your palms on on the basis of lies in the fact that. So, I won’t harm you, I don’t have any ill will towards you, I’m counting on you and I want your help, please don’t let me down to give the image. Keeping the palms upwards at the same time, is a reflection of this motion is needed by the person who made it. So, your palms facing up person, means you agree to be bound by.This is accepted to be under the domination of the person in front of that person.

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The removal of the palm is a symbol of victory and power to the upper. People won a victory when they put their hands up with his palms facing up. In a boxing match winning the hand of the person who lost while removing the person’s hand up below left. This movement themselves by using politicians they are strong and they try to show that victory was theirs.

People telling lies in the palms of your hands may be hiding something as they can be stores. Children lie when they put their hands on their backs. For example, the child broke the vase with his mother when she asked who broke the vase, the boy says I didn’t break their hands with the instruments of the crime by hiding behind. Show people the palm is indicative of hiding something, not hiding. Because in the palms of accuracy, is a sign of confidence.Hiding something or lying people and the demonstration of the palm which is the symbol of truth because it bothers people to hide people shall enter into their palms. Therefore, lying, or people who are hiding something, they’ll try to conceal the palm of their hand. The easiest way to hide hands or his palms or in your pocket that is back. If during a conversation, if that person in front of you, suddenly your hands are involved in what you said is a lie or attempt to hide, or didn’t tell you, there is something to hide from you.If these people are asked about what you’re hiding from me, probably the person will start to stutter and will give evasive answers.

Palms Place me in domination if you look at the people, you me, of course you mean. This Act, famous Hitler movement. This movement, with everyone subject to him Hitler, and that asserts that are in authority. Here the person who made this motion, the person means you’re under me you’re under my domination, my hand so. A community in the face of the person when there is too much noise without saying anything with his palms facing the ground by extending your arm from top to bottom, if you downloaded, people stop talking and listen to the person who made this motion.If a person is talking too fast, and you never give me the chance if this movement when you do, people will start to slow down. This motion, because I mean, the speech gives the message ornamental Palm faces down into the subconscious. People who are experiencing this movement, and this movement automatically shutting up the person who made it they listen to.

Clamped your hands on the chest in a manner that the tension of shortage of a stop sign. Distress increases as the hands of the person shifts from the belly towards the chest. So, boredom, tension is less in the case where the hands on the belly stops in a clamped manner. Distress increases as clenched hands slid upward, is placed on the chest and on the belly. During a conversation if the other person holds their hands together at the level of the navel and clasp, this movement is an indication that a topic or a person are bored from the current environment.If one’s belly has started to move upwards, clamped hands on, then at the peak of the tension of the shortage of this motion, stated that he arrived. If you change the subject and spoken to the other person while demonstrating such a move you will want to make some changes in the environment. Make certain that you’re annoyed about if the person in the environment if a change is made or not, most likely the person in the doldrums after a short while, citing an excuse he will run from that environment.

The tips of his fingers the fingers of both hands touching each other in an open manner to the roof to get a figure like the person you talked to is an expert on the subject indicates. If the person talking by making the roof his hands in the form of if you can trust a specialist in this topic does that mean I am and do what I say. If you trust the other party exhibits such a motion during the course of conversation you make. So, on the other side, and this on the person I can trust what he says in the form of an expert will enable one to think.If such a course of action is close to the person you’re talking to if you talked to the person that you are a specialist on the subject of this Act, and that person that you can trust what he says explains. On topics you know very well your speech by making this motion, will allow the other party to trust you.

Way understand each other the thumbs up and hands in front of you, palms touching each other, with four fingers of one hand between the thumb and the index finger of the other hand clenching your hands together removed, suggests that the expectation of tolerance. This move also means I’m feeding you and I’m ready to listen to a conversation with you. In this understanding of the unity and integrity of this Act is an indicator. So, we we are one with you, not with you ‘ means.If you cherish a conversation with someone, and that person ready to listen to if you are the person that needs to show tolerance if this move will do to separate yourself from that person if you do not keep. Here on the opposite side with a single motion more than one message can be given. This is such a beautiful thing.

Ovusturmak indication that hands had an opportunity. If the person is rubbing their hands fast if you are positive, if a negative thought shows that rubbing it slowly. If the other person rub their hands fast if I had the opportunity I’ve been waiting for months and this opportunity that mean I can make you happy. If the other person’s hands slowly rubbing, oh, finally, after many years I got the opportunity I was looking for and the cards are no longer in my hands you mean I’m going to use this opportunity to pull the string.Slowly rubbing your hands is not a good sign.

The thumb represents the confidence and competition. It shows you your thumb in a very obvious way, if someone person’s self-confidence is high and is an indication that it is ready to compete with you. Does that mean I’m ready and I’m confident other people to compete with you. Your thumbs so that hands inserted in the pockets on the outside rebellion, and disobedience is not indicative of competition. This motion is a motion that is used usually in the age group 15-18.Persons in this age group is on the outside of the hand so that the thumb by inserting it into the back pocket of the pants themselves are trying to give the image that would never bow to anyone.

Thumbs people too confident of themselves they show the other side in a very obvious way. In some cases, it was closed and only the other four fingers into the palm the thumb the big toe on the inner side of the opposite side to the above point means that it is showing OK. This motion is used in the sense dağlıca upstairs if if. If they’re not working on a job and people make their voices heard, if they’re not too close, whether it is work, they tell by this movement to the opposite side.It was closed and only the other four fingers into the palm below the thumb on the inner side of the big toe to be shown to show the other side means no. So does this mean you’re not the person that’s the business we’re working on. Sometimes this is used in the sense of motion down.

The index finger represents authority. The threat includes shaking your index finger to speak. The person’s authority is strong, it is trying to prove that. Is not a behavior that is highly acclaimed by the community. By extending your index finger when you are trying to blame someone, a small detail that this behavior you will be missed. To the front of the index finger, extending the other three fingers is meant to extend yourself.If so, you useless your index finger to that person by extending the same promise to yourself when you say you’re a human being with three fingers you’re being told. Your finger three fingers, because while a person show yourself. So, say you agree to anything you say yourself to that person three times. I recommend you to think twice when doing this movement.

In our culture, the use of the index finger is very welcome. If this motion is shown by a fist to the face, if this person is more suggests that the inclination of violence. In such a course of action it would be appropriate to prevent more than the person next to you. Because the person that can harm you at any moment. In some cases, only the index finger into the air so all the other fingers closed into the palm of the index finger upward removal removal shows that desired to speak.In this action to allow students to speak when they want to talk they want from the teacher. This movement is not being used much in normal conversation. So they want to talk to people who are in daily dialogue, when such a course of action are not available, and they bring these requests typically verbal language. However, if you have if you are an authority in the conversation, usually adults, they want the right to speak his fingers and, lifting up Holy hands.

Round two of the fingers on the thumb on the index finger combined, it means beautiful. This movement is very nice, the front number mean, in the way one needs to look at the other three fingers up two fingers. If this move is made with the other three fingers facing down, if that means swearing. So, the above motion has reversed completely and the thumbs up, index finger down the leg combined these two fingers way round means if swearing were made.Because of this out there that don’t take or you’ll get a car full of such an action.

The thumb, index finger, ring finger and little finger and the middle finger in the palm of swearing in almost all societies it was closed up and removal means. Because of this, the movements of this style is not recommended for use anywhere.

One hand made a fist and peeled off from the elbow to the palm of the other hand means to be brought up to swear again. Some movements pay close attention to the movement of persons in the sense of the curse to be an adverse reaction that needs to match.

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Anger is a symptom of hand making a fist. However, hand removal is the symbol of happiness into the air and made a fist. People that are usually very happy and expressed happiness that the air you are removing by making a fist with his hands. This movement seeks to demonstrate the joy of the person. However, would be shown to the face by the fist of the hand on the table, be shot, or only made a fist of one hand into the air and is indicative of the removal of anger. The people in this movement, in a sense, trying to intimidate and uploaded stay away from me, does that mean I can hurt you at any moment.

Hands shaking, the most important point of communicating with a foreign person. The first phase of the touch, you shake hands. Of people who are angry with each other it will melt all the ice in a warm handshake. Handshake to strengthen the dialogue, the conversation easier. The person who is high status handshake, and extends from the other person before hand. Priority should be given to the lady tokalasmal male and female. The First Lady extended her hand so then the male is prolonged. If the lady does not want to shake the hand of this is an indication that if you extend.In such cases, it is not to attempt to run his hands so the man handshake. If they’re people shaking his hand for a long time means they want to spend that much time with each other. So how long if love and affection are the result of iliyor shake. Seeing required to be shorter the duration of the shake is also reduced. So, if you have a short handshake with the other person, it means she wants to spend less time with you. Ozentisiz handshake means that the person are not satisfied with being there.So, in a way the other person is shaking ozentisiz with you if the person is not satisfied with your being there to show that this movement is working.

The person with the bag in his hand, no matter how thin, how often, and are encrypted if the person who carries this bag so important to a person. The person moved the handbags of prestige( prestige, reputation ). To carry the bag as status increases is eliminated. Because the bag instead of someone else then the person begins to move. The bag means there is a lack of trust if the person holds both hands together. People who do not trust themselves usually hold the bag with both hands.If the person is seated, the bag on his lap and gets his bag open on his knees or on his knees if he keeps this Act shows that the person is nervous. Persons who are usually very nervous and gets put on top of lap bags on his arms. So whether you put a person’s bag can be easily understood by looking at where strained. The most beautiful person on the side of the bag shape and keep the person not to contact you in a way.Trusting the people who put them to the side and not to touch the bags themselves are people who are very comfortable in that moment. Handbags means you are increasing the tension as you get closer to the body of the person.

Unfortunately even smoking can provide prestige people. The way you hold the cigarette and the smoke breathed from that person where the person’s mood can be removed. The blow cigarette smoke in a person’s mood is tense and indicates that a negative. Cigarette smoke out of his nose all the smoke is going down, even though it is true the head up a little, this person is self-confident a person you are. The smoke of cigarettes lifting up their head a little very confident of themselves to people they used to pay through the nose.If the person he’s tilting his head downward, if cigarette smoke out of his nose ( like a bull full ) this Act shows that that person is angry and tense. Cigarette smoke also vigorously breathing quickly it’s a sign of outward tension and nerves. Hard to beat the ash of the cigarette in the ashtray, and again is an indication of the tension.

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