The Miracle of a Fly

fly - The Miracle of a Fly

The Miracle of a Fly

13 - The Miracle of a Fly

The Miracle of a Fly

In a similar way, if we explain the coming into existence of a fly with the action/movement of the natural and material factors, then we will certainly accept that these factors are standing by its side or working inside that fly. Then how is this possible, have you ever thought about it?  In order to be able to answer this deep but simple question and understand the issue we need to do this: For a second, just give up accepting by heart, without questioning, what we are told and try to accept this information in the real sense. It is said,” material causes create this fly” So be it. Let’s accept that material causes are really making that fly.

Then what do we have to accept for that? How will it happen? This is a very interesting question. 

21 - The Miracle of a FlyBecause, the material causes in nature have such characteristic that each one of them moves a different direction immoderately, in a disorderly and incompatible manner. They go on fleeing away randomly if there is no external intervention, whereas, for coming into existence of the body of that fly, it is necessary to bring together many different materials in certain precise measurements. Then, these different materials, which are brought together, should be placed in correct locations in a way compatible with each other. The parts of the body of the fly should be made in certain dimensions and from certain materials in certain measurements. There are special shapes of each part and tiny folds in fly’s body. If these measurements are not respected, the body of the fly could not come into existence.  Especially, in the first try, the small body of the fly, is produced without any plan and mold, lacking DNA information coming from past. In such an environment, how can these material and unconscious factors existing in nature, which are rough, disorganized and unable to think of working together in concert with each other, make/create that fly? How could this be possible? Can you imagine? Does it have any feasibility?

99 - The Miracle of a Fly

The wind blows from one place, and takes the matter to the other side along with it.

100 - The Miracle of a FlyWater flows from another place, makes wet the places where it flows and takes the matter along with it over its course.

1011 - The Miracle of a FlyThe sun warms the materials, turns them from liquid to solid, and sometimes leave then completely dry. It does not care.

1021 - The Miracle of a FlyAnd the force of gravity does not mind if the object falling is broken into pieces, it does not care and leave it where it falls.

If you leave a rock on its own alone, either it becomes fine earth or turns into large or small stones with the passage of the time.

1031 - The Miracle of a Fly1041 - The Miracle of a FlyOn the other hand, the soil, which is said to have been the most important source of life, becomes mud when it gets wet, and it is a lifeless material that has no benefits once it is dried.

It does not know how to make the delicate balance of moisture, heat and pressure the material to be made from it But so many things come out of it. Don’t they?1051 - The Miracle of a Fly

1061 - The Miracle of a FlyLightning, volcanoes, storms are other big factors that burn down, disrupt and damage the place they touch and that seem to be doing nothing more than giving harm.

You claim, “They did it”, don’t you? Just have a look at the material at hand, and what their capabilities are. And pay attention to the fact the fly, which is attempted to be formed with these seemingly useless material, is such a wonder of art and technology of great detail both in terms of its internal and external structure. “There are 8,000 lenses in the area of a few millimetres in the eye of the fly. Each of these lenses sees an image from different angles. When a fly looks at a flower, the image of the flower appears separately on each of these 8,000 lenses. These different images reach to the brain of the fly and get unite there like the parts in a jigsaw puzzle. As a result of the combination of these thousands of different pieces, a meaningful flower image comes out for the fly”.

1] How Come? Planet Earth, Kathy Wollard, Workman Publishing, New York, 1999, p. 116

107 - The Miracle of a Fly

Even today we do not have such a technological knowledge that could enable us to place 8000 lenses within an area of a few millimetre squares and to provide each one with the capability to see. And the formation of a neural system, that could enable the sensation of the light and make this sensation visible is, is totally unfeasible with the existing smallest and most sensitive machines that we have in today’s latest technology.

108 - The Miracle of a Fly

Now just examine the pictures of the fly before you, just to have a look at this wonderful living machine that could be considered as a piece of art of the divine technology, in a different way that you have never had before, and to be amazed.

slayt100 - The Miracle of a Fly

Since your horizon of thinking is opened as much as possible after all that you have seen, now you should be hearing what the fly is declaring aloud: “It is impossible for me to be considered a result of coincidence and natural causes!”

Hence, in order to claim that it was the nature and material reasons which formed the fantastic body of a fly, which is amazing us with its wings flapped 200 times in a second and with its flight system that became an inspiration for the planes, we should accept that the material factor existing in the nature worked in the tiny eye of that fly like a factory worker with an unbelievably delicate craftsmanship. How can they do it otherwise?

In our opinion, it is so obvious that such a thing remains outside the range of possibility and intelligence, being more difficult to be realized than most unlikely dreams. The eye of the mind and the material mind can see this fact. We have to make a logical interpretation out of our observations. We should be able to do this inference.

As a requirement of the mystery of the trial, there is no such evidence of mathematical accuracy. But it is almost that accurate.  Deducing what we could not see from what we see. That is what the faith and believing mean.

What are the proofs of the existence of God? How do we prove the existence of God / do we prove that?




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