The Most Interesting Mental Illness 5

367 - The Most Interesting Mental Illness 5

Most strange problem, which is also a bad influence on bilateral relations people’s lives, psychological diseases were investigated.

367 300x145 - The Most Interesting Mental Illness 5

People to have good mental health, at least as important as physical health. They both are some of the factors that trigger each other. It could be a sign of diseases the course aims offers this strange emotion behaviors that almost anyone, of course, you live these all the time if the situation is serious. This psychological diseases;

Capgras Syndrome

This syndrome French psychiatrist Capgras in 1923 by “illusion des sosies” that is defined by a syndrome called. Its main feature, the person the world around him isn’t real, passed on a delusional belief that others in their place. Women are slightly more common in this syndrome.

Othello Syndrome (Pathological Jealousy)

The illness of a loved one is expressed as jealous as the person condition. The person with Othello Syndrome, always loyal don’t think it’s that his wife is cheating on him. In the face of these people may harm others.

The threat tries to take measures against these threats. Follow his wife and get out of the House, wants to look out the window, curtains and sheets sign puts what they’re wearing, and it mixes with your friends.

Cotard’s Syndrome (Walking Corpse Syndrome)

They are people who have this syndrome, their rotting flesh, is not of vital organs or blood sometimes thinks that. Rare in this syndrome nihilistic delusions, alienation from himself and the outside world, thoughts of immortality, hallucinations, suicidal thoughts and negativism is seen. Is more common in women.

Fregoli Syndrome (A Syndrome Of Thousand Faces)

In Fregoli syndrome the patient many people around that are actually the same person, but he thinks, watching himself in different guises. Accordingly, “masters of disguise”, revolves around the patient, and the patient will follow. In Fregoli syndrome, the patient is troubled by it. They cannot even move easily. The feeling of constantly being pursued.


Erotomania a delusion to believe a living person is himself madly in love with someone else.Mostly women can be seen as the first person in the delusion that the other side has manifested his love for that believes and finds evidence for this belief (meaningful glances, messages from the newspaper, such as the facial expressions of passers)

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