The problem and the solution your cat’s fur

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Cats are very particular about cleanliness. But maintenance has a negative effect on habits. An excessive amount can swallow licking their fur.When too much builds up in the stomach feather, your cat tries to vomit it out. The occasional hairball for cats is the accumulation of quite a natural thing, but excessive hairball loss of appetite, or other stomach can lead to problems.

There are many ways to solve the problem and protect your cat hairball unpleasant experience. Here are a few solutions that we recommend…


Special Diet For Hairball

Many contain ingredients that help in the digestion of swallowed hairs leading brand special hairball foodI produce. If the problem is sourced from internal medicine hairball alternatively, if Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids enhanced with skin and hair care on special food you can try.

Feather Minimizing Rash

Comb your cat regularly to reduce the amount of the feather. With the help of a special comb in the spring and fall shedding Seasons, which you can take to help control hair loss. You will receive on the comb must be metal in the crevices. Loose feathers are difficult to clean with regular brushes, which are thin and are designed to ensure that taken.


The Cat Malts

The cat malts, is one of the easiest ways of preventing the formation of fluff. Cats licking swallow as a result of the feathers, these feathers build up in the stomach and intestine can lead to digestive problems and major. Brushes your cat’s fur regularly and malt prevents hairball formation with the if you use.

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