The story of the Daffodil flower, daffodils and maintenance benefits

nergiss 600x375 - The story of the Daffodil flower, daffodils and maintenance benefits

Narcissus, the Daffodil is a flower of extraordinary beauty with another known name. At least as good as it looks with the smell as we passed chichewa even noticed how this is a flower, how to care, and what are the benefits of our article to find out how the story can be read in a single sitting.

Fulya is a type of Daffodil is actually one the most known, but the daffodils are being accepted as an alias for time. In the rush of life, stops for 1 minute, everyone, es gives a deep, with the smell of the mis allows them to breathe, in with the new people. A legendary story such as daffodils and other flowers; the story that fascinates a much odour chichewa; love is a flower! Daffodil flower meaning, at least as impressive as it looks. The meaning of Daffodil is the beauty of the most beautiful, sometimes even too nice for your own good.

Properties of the flower Daffodil
  • Daffodil is a bulbous plant. The onions can be used over again, but it is recommended to be left to rest for a year.
  • Cutting flowers is one of the most widely used in Floriculture.
  • In the form of a mixture of white or yellow petals.
  • The bulbs are poisonous.
  • Straight out of the onion leaves.
  • The flowers are white or yellow leaves.
  • The side petals is oval and is 6 units.
  • Between 20 cm and 80 cm stems may be extended. More than one in each category can be found in chichewa.
  • The Daffodil flower also comes from the leaves of the onion.
  • Daffodil is a flower which is the relaxation time.
Daffodil the flower types of
  • China Daffodil (Narcissus tazetta)
  • Wild Daffodil (Narcissus pseudonarcissus)
  • Daffodil (Narcissus jonquilla)
  • Zerrin (Narcissus poeticus)
  • Autumn Daffodil (Narcissus serotinus) (Wikipedia, Daffodil)

50 varieties of daffodils known to be the most well-known types like above. Europe is the homeland, but all are seen on the shores of the Mediterranean, North America and North Africa has been cultivating.

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Daffodil flower care
  • According to foreign sources, from the month of August until the month of November, the cultivation of Daffodil bulbs must be performed.
  • Daffodil flower blooms when the answer to the question March.
  • Organic ingredients in rich, moist, sandy, loamy soils. Very hairy, high ground water, be grown in acidic soils is unlikely.
  • Good suzduren love juice lands. So, drainage is very important for him.
  • South wind while accelerating the development of the plant, setting back the development of north winds.
  • If you are looking to him will be enough in your garden natural environment, you do not need extra irrigation.
  • If you grow daffodils in pots, watering or weekly watering 3-4 days is sufficient. After all chichewa proud; not self-sufficient so! Best you don’t water without losing soil moisture.
  • Instead of direct sunlight, indirect light likes. If you are looking plants in your home it is recommended to keep it in a place where light can get comfortable.
  • The petals of the flower Daffodil Yesil as long as it should not interfere to benefit from the sun.
  • Daffodils leaves refreshes themselves. according to foreign sources, chichewa, after opening the leaves, growth, development, and then must be allowed to die. This of daffodils chichewa of the onion, the self-renewal process. Just because you die full of leaves, they look ugly if you can undermine you just because off onions.


Daffodil is replicated and how?

Daffodil flower reproduce in 3 different ways. Fry the onions and old bulbs or separating the stitching on the back of this seed can be made.

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    In the first method, the onion storage and the replication process can be accomplished by planting in pots for the next year. For this, the flowers must be completely dry.

Yesil on the ground all over the evening when you have to wait for next fall and remove the soil without damaging the onions.

  • In another method, each year the corm in the bottom part also can be performed with irilesen give 4-5 puppies.

At least 2 or 3 of these babies is good. At the end of summer the drying of the soil top of soil during the cleaning process carried out after the assembly, leaving the main fry onions onions can be planted immediately.

A year later, the onions, the onions between the leaves, they begin to give a new puppy.

  • Seed production will be made in 3. replication method. Chichewa to come to the state of the plant for approximately 5 years must undergo.

Daffodils by cutting the tubers so you don’t make in production is not the case.

The benefits of a Daffodil

We all like things that are both beautiful and useful, right? Daffodils just a plant. A feature of every aspect of cleaner flowers are daffodils.

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    Daffodils smell nasal congestion opens.

  • Removal of that which makes against diseases and leprosy is beneficial.
  • The root of the daffodils in the ground, has reached to the limit that heals wounds.
  • Cleaner feature.
  • Do not induce vomiting or drink boiled water will slowly boil to death has been defeated when, in the bottom of the stomach pulls moisture.
  • Against cold from the cold is beneficial.
  • Moisture from occurring, it is effective against headaches and bile.
The story of the Daffodil flower

Let’s see the story of this beautiful flower. The name Daffodil is why, if you’re wondering where it comes from, this part can be the most exciting part for you. Too many daffodils, such as chichewa is associated with a mythological story and there is a story that the ancient Greek gods.

It receives the name of the handsome, legendary be Narcissus seems poised as, while who knows his job, the flowers are daffodils. It is also one of the most popular flowers in the world. According to legend, the world’s most beautiful, handsome man, be Narcissus in karaburun lives. This beautiful and handsome man all the girls who live around here, even the fairies is in love with him even. But nobody be Narcissus does not return your love.

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One of the fairies from the begging to the God Zeus, who can’t face narkissos narkissos want to be punished. The fairy God accepts this request, and

Love themselves while loving others,”he says.

Mimbo be Narcissus bent down to the lake for a drink of water a day when you sees himself in water, and self-love; self-care, love and still can’t resist yourself when you are looking at falls on the lake would be drowned in a day.

Narkissos in love with the handsome man they love while thinking of burying the fairies out of the water, you never know the water, they don’t, they can’t see a chichewa begins to emerge. The fairies colours, scents they give the name of Be Narcissus flower very long.Where comes from the name of Narcissus.

Daffodils the homeland of Mordoğan and Karaburun villages of daffodils in the month of December is the harvest. Is Daffodil month for the month of December so they say. In psychology, ‘self-love’ the impulse to narcissism is called for; this phrase also comes from this legend. A chichewa is so beautiful, and the smell will also be aware of your own beauty? Of course it can’t be.

But the Narcissus flower, it’s not like the name that receives predicted on the subject of love; he gives love, loved, most beautiful flowers and the smell. Asks for too much when your hand is in sufficient knows. Even with the difficult conditions opens beautiful flowers. A narcissist never. Gives healing even. Mankind offers to all skill…

In short, Narcissus, and need to be taken to be sent to every lover and every home falls into the category that should be in chichewa.


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