The Taste Cats Can’t Get?

cats - The Taste Cats Can't Get?

kedi %C3%A7iko - The Taste Cats Can't Get?

More than 400 cats in the languages of the taste pore, although there is they can’t take the taste of sweet food.


Why Can’t Cats Taste Sweet?

Or tissues in pores, allowing the cat gene to get a taste of a “sweet” taste to detect the parts. This pores and T1R2 and T1R3 are the protein sub-units. However, the cat in the cat family and does not include the t1r2 gene. Cats often eat dessert so can’t eat, they can’t even taste.

All of the species observed in this cat. Some cats seemed pretty eager to want to eat a sweet thing and even caused by eating this kind of food. For example, when you eat ice cream or chocolate, this is actually very strange, should not be found. Sweet foods because of this style, although it also contains additional ingredients such as milk and oil in them. So, when you eat these foods for a cat, actually fat, they eat of these foods because they taste like milk.

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