The Ways To Overcome Forgetfulness

5 - The Ways To Overcome Forgetfulness

Nowadays, forgetfulness has become a problem for people of almost all ages.Well what should I do to overcome forgetfulness?

Forgetfulness is very common in Old Age, has become an alarming situation. The reason for this forgetfulness is a symptom of the fear of whether or not Alzheimer’s disease with age.

All organs in the body with age, like forgetfulness, is due to some changes in the brain. In addition, excessive stress, anxiety, depression is one of the reasons was that in the formation of factors such as forgetfulness. Also vitamin deficiency, especially vitamin B12 deficiency is one of the other factors that cause dementia.

That can be seen in the early age of forgetfulness is a problem. This problem is often to be seen at a young age, everyday stress, anxiety, and insomnia due to malnutrition. Qualified for the forgetfulness seen in later years should consult a physician.

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Ways To Prevent Forgetfulness

In order to prevent forgetfulness, particularly from a young age, it is recommended to do regular exercise with a healthy and balanced diet. Eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly prevents diseases that can occur in advanced age prevents forgetfulness, it is known that both both.

In addition, to minimize everyday stress and problems are required. It is known that smoking and alcohol also can cause forgetfulness. So must be a result of alcohol and smoking at an early age.

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A variety of activities to learn the habits that will strengthen memory and prevent forgetfulness can be done. For example, to solve a puzzle, learn foreign languages, learn about various hobbies, read a book or play a musical instrument is one of the pursuits proposed to strengthen the memory.

If you have the problem of forgetfulness, it is advisable to take note of your daily work. Be the same where you put your belongings, a habit that can help too. Also walnuts and fish foods that will strengthen the memory area. The problem of forgetfulness of living, so it is suggested to consume these foods.

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