Tips On Communication With The Child

Tips On Communication With The Child - Tips On Communication With The Child
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There will be a time issue when you are in contact with the child; that is important and valuable, when it comes to identifying the appropriate strategy and correct problems, monitoring. Imagine having a problem with your child, you are faced with a major problem. How do you feel, what they think, do what?


– No matter what happens, always keep calm and, you need to understand what happened before.
– Notice how you feel when you are in contact with the child.
– Why you may be feeling this way?
– The only thing you need to do is relax?
– The problem really the kids or is there anything else? In this case, with the help solve the problem and you need to keep the children because of the pain from another problem.
– Mutual voices rise while communicating with the child take a break when you need to.
– Never react to bad behaviour, given that may require you to ignore good behavior.
– Imagine what would have happened to this child is ignored and odullendirils brothers in good standing. What might it feel like when you put yourself instead? Did you listen to him when communicating with children?
– Remember you were on how to deal with similar situations before. It might work now?
Negative thoughts, bad thoughts must be above. (a bad father/mother like I am) remember that everyone can have bad days.
– A cup of tea, a light music a short walk or taking the time to work.
– What is your direction that you are powerful? Recall that.
– Stay connected to the plan, will help you to take control again.

Points To Be Remembered:

– What is the problem together with try to find a close friend or the child’s teacher works.
– Get help when being unsuccessful.
– Should be kept separate from children’s bad behavior.
– A diary of the child’s behavior can be monitored for a period.
– There must be some bright moments.
– Both to avoid criticism and accusations, behavior, limit setting, you need to be precise about.
– Build a positive relationship with the child’s self-esteem, contribute to teach good behavior, set limits and be consistent to realistic is required.
– It should be noted that parents give their children has a great impact on you. It’s not too late to make a difference.

In summary…

Determine who the problematic behavior. Parents who complain about kids in an irrational way, or someone else? Unreasonable complaints parents: stressed, it is important to note that you are troubled or tired. Relax, when you think about it, create friends and acquaintances, with family, talk, get help, it is helpful to plan fun activities. The complainant, a: talking with people who complain about to be a parent, must defend herself and her child. You should try to get help from the doctor and also help use of strategies.If a complaint within the boundaries of logic, is not known the causes of the child’s behavior should be viewed. If it is unknown with the child and talk with other people, writing a diary works. Medical issues should not be included. If known, the hidden underlying reasons for the problems must be dealt with. For example, like to stay in the excuse for violence in schools.
Behavior management strategies can be used.

If there is a problem that has existed for a long time, parents should not blame themselves or their children, and problems can be tackled together, get together with family, friends or other parents may be spoken with, and strategies can be shared. If the problem persists, reach serious proportions and kaygilandirirs, PhD, school health officials, if necessary, a psychologist or a child psychiatrist should be consulted.



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