Tortikolis Disease causes and treatment methods

tortikolis hastasi bebek - Tortikolis Disease causes and treatment methods

The curve of the neck is known as neck or dull tortikolis disease in infants, causes and treatment what are the methods? According to the experts tortikolis you need to know about is right here.

Tortikolis every one in 100 children seen, the neck is bent or dull . During the birthing process or subsequently may be acquired. On one side of the neck muscles on the other hand, a short is caused due to. Right in the neck portion are encountered. The most common type congenital muscular tortikolis form. Usually the breech is seen in children with.

tortikolis hastasi bebek - Tortikolis Disease causes and treatment methods

Tortikoli the reason you’re in this disease is not fully known but the occurrence of familial factors and predispositions to is very important. Besides, hip dislocationcongenital clubfoot and dislocation of the cervical vertebrae can be seen along with many ailments such as.

Tortikolis Diagnosis
after birth Tortikolis 2 – 4. in the weeks begin to emerge. The baby’s head to one side tilteddisclosure. With the hand that is felt on the neck swelling is in the other direction to make the movements of the neck and the baby is forced. In severe cases the baby’s seen in the asymmetry of the face , you can slip too.

Tortikolis Treatment
tortikolis tedavisi - Tortikolis Disease causes and treatment methods

Treatment active and passive with exercises is possible. Sometimes the disease may pass without treatment or if left untreated, can break down the asymmetry of the face. Not to be treated is a risk. Experts recommends treatment necessarily so.

The treatment of the first 15 days are important. The baby of the family approach and attitude, motivation and training the duration of treatment is shortened. On average, infants6-9 months between treatments there is a process. In cases diagnosed late 1.5 to 2 years of age may be extended up.

Treatment exercises
tortikolis tedavi egzersizi 1 - Tortikolis Disease causes and treatment methods
in the first exercise on the images as well as baby sitting or supine lying position on the unaffected side with one hand while the baby’s shoulder is placed. The other hand gently on the baby’s mouth towards the affected region of flips and the baby’s chin to the beginning of his shoulder having been provided. For example, if the problem is in the area the baby right the baby’s neck, a hand left his shoulder, constants, and the other hand tries to do his right shoulder in the beginning of the chin.

tortikolis tedavi egzersizi 2 - Tortikolis Disease causes and treatment methods
In another exercise, again, like in the image, the baby’s head toward the unaffected sideshould be pressed into, and that the ear region to the beginning of the shoulder must contact. For example: if you have tortikolis right, the left ear has touched the left shoulder should be the beginning of when it happened.

The baby’s general stance at the same time take a look at the affected area should. Lying in the nursery toys and remarkable stuff towards this region should be placed, and should be provided to take care of the baby.

The baby often during these periods to see doctors should be taken in the treatment of disease should be evaluated.

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