Tortikolis symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

tortikolis - Tortikolis symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

Tortikolis, the contraction of the neck muscles and the skeletal system is a disease characterized by Nov. Usually the neck muscles beyond their normal position tortikolis bending, elongation, bending and showed, so diagnosed when the head is twisted to one side. Tortikolis goes beyond normal ranges of motion of the neck muscles, movements-flexion (bending), elongation and back. Latin meaning “twisted neck” the other name for this disease is “crooked neck” or “dull in the neck” is a disease.
When the disease occurs in people with a family history of this disease or cervical dystonia called spasmodic tortikolis medical professionals. Initially spasmolytic characteristic bending of the neck (which causes abnormal movements involuntary contractions of the neck muscles). Then the head and neck, poor posture begins with these diseases are more occurs between the ages of 31-50. If left untreated, probably it’s permanent.

Who Gets Tortikolis?

Tortikolis, affects children and adults alike. Children born with it (in this case called Innate tortikolis), in utero might have changed the position of the press. Related injuries to the muscles while blood flow in the uterus, congenital is another reason you’re tortikoli Nov.
May be later as this disease may be genetic. Genetic tortikolis develops slowly and affects the brain and nervous system. This type tortikolis if the symptoms are not noticeable, it is important to be diagnosed and treated. The situation with the possibility of becoming permanent treatment at the earliest possible opportunity to reduce or eliminate the risk to life shall have and continuously in a position with a curved neck can be eliminated.
Later that tortikolis, usually from trauma or caused by a reaction to medications and is considered to be an acute situation. (Acute tortikolis, is the lack of normal control of the neck muscles.)

14760 116199 300x200 - Tortikolis symptoms, diagnosis and treatmentCauses and risk factors

• As mentioned above, trauma is a risk factor for both tortikoli a possible reason for you both.Because trauma can result in neck spasms, which are capable of alignment Nov.
• Infection is another cause of torticollis.Infections often affects the lymph nodes and when that happens, the result may be spasm in the muscles at the top of this structure directly.
• Some medications, neck, face, or upper back may be caused by sudden involuntary contraction of the muscles (acute tortikolis). Some prescription drugs or cocaine, can occur from addictive substances such as amphetamines. Tortikolis considered a risk factor for such drugs be taken.
• Among other reasons tortikolis wounds, tumors, arthritis neck.
• The above mentioned drugs in addition to the types of trauma and family history and emerged with the birth tortikolis, and neck abnormalities are also risk factors.

Common Symptoms

The most important symptom in disease Tortikolis returns it to one side of the head. Tenderness or pain in the neck and shoulder muscles also felt. Nov jam when it attempts to rotate to the other side of the neck, while feeling tall, it is painful, and easy to move around can be made easy. Other considerations; headache, back pain, shoulder pain and a burning feeling. Individuals who suffer from the symptoms are advised to apply for the diagnosis of a specialist. Tortikolis attack in babies, vomiting, irritability and other symptoms may be accompanied by symptoms such as drowsiness.14760 tortikollis bt 489x330 300x202 - Tortikolis symptoms, diagnosis and treatment


Doctors diagnose this disease by physical examination, while in the case of tortikolis due to trauma, an X-ray to find out by pulling. Sometimes a SA must scan.

14760 tedavi 300x225 - Tortikolis symptoms, diagnosis and treatmentTreatments

Overall, tortikolis life-threatening. However, some symptoms of central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) can cause irritation or injury to structures. If the person has these symptoms with symptoms without tortikolis, for quick access to the emergency room is recommended. Symptoms include the following:
• Difficulty in breathing
• Difficulty swallowing
• Involuntary movements of the eyes
• Go out of the tongue in an involuntary way
• Speech difficulties
• Difficulty walking
• Weakness in the arms and legs, numbness, tingling and needle stick injury
• Incontinence (uncontrolled urinary or fecal incontinence)
Neck-spasms and Nov fever, swollen glands, neck stiffness, headache, or swelling if you have immediate medical help should be taken. If you have pain and stiffness in the neck just as soon as possible, it is recommended to consult a specialist.
The goal of treatment tortokolis most of the neck muscles from spasm or contracture (continuous contraction of the muscles) is due. Among the typical treatments of drugs, physical therapy, stretching, use of physical devices, and surgery. Drugs that are given to people between Nov tortikolisli relaxants and anti-enflamatuar.
In many patients, botulinum toxin injections, Botox namely reports that help with the symptoms of this condition. Tortikolis acute is treated, is expected to return to normal within a few days to weeks. After this time (and after the treatment, the pain and contractions get any smaller, it may be necessary to consult a neurologist or a surgeon.
Tortikolis spasmodic (cervical dystonia) and surgery procedures,
spasm-spasmodic contraction of the neck surgery which is usually based tortikolis tortikolis of the impact of the transfer to the nerves to the muscles in charge of surgical procedures. Some of the nerves or muscles, this upper cervical treatment, NOV is cut to prevent contractions. Often treatment will cure the disease, but surgery is rarely recommended. Surgery because the negative side of bent neck surgery a few months after symptoms returned.
Another procedure that has gathered momentum in the treatment tortikoli you’re usually the treatment of Parkinson’s disease known as deep brain stimulation (the stimulation process). Tortikolis used a similar device to a pacemaker and leads you to the origin tortikoli in this field (not just for the brain) includes placing. Known as deep brain stimulation, in the treatment of the brain which control the movement by attaching a wire to it, then electrical signals are sent to disrupt the brain signals that cause effusion.

14760 sternocleidomastoid 300x225 - Tortikolis symptoms, diagnosis and treatmentApps To Ease Symptoms Tortikolis

Some practices at home that can help relieve symptoms they have been diagnosed with Tortikolis learn, and helps in combating diseases.Some of these applications are as follows:
sleep: studies show symptoms usually during sleep disappeared as a result of it is observed. Therefore, given a Dec and you sleep on your back and provides relaxation.
Neck exercises: exercises that are done with playing right and left of the neck ensures that the spasms temporarily stopped.
The Application Of Heat: Neck heat packs or hot water bottles, helps loosen stiff muscles.
Stress reduction techniques: stress or anxiety is found to be causing, and the stretching of the neck muscles and deterioration can be prevented.
In infants, passive stretching (stretching performed with the assistance of a parent or carer) can be done. Larger IQ in infants by facilitating the active movement, for example, the head of the child to rotate in a certain direction it may help to use the sights or sounds. May I suggest physical therapy, stretching and other exercises by taking help from a professional can show how to do them correctly and how.
Tortikolisli physical therapy exercises for adults are given. Gradually begin to move a little more forward Press first every time. Then exercise to keep it working for longer in the last position continues. When the person on his own couldn’t do this exercise with gentle passive movements can help. Exercises should be done several times a day. For instructions on how to do the exercises the right movements and it is recommended to consult with a physiotherapist in advance.14760 images 300x145 - Tortikolis symptoms, diagnosis and treatment Tortikolis treatment aims to relax the neck muscles. With early intervention and proper treatment, without surgery when it is a curable disease, after the treatment, you need to pay attention to the neck area.

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