Treatment of gall bladder stones

m5qdGzmJ - Treatment of gall bladder stones

Treatment of gall bladder stones

m5qdGzmJ - Treatment of gall bladder stones

Gallstones are more common in women than in men, is a disease that can be quite painful to watch.

What Are Gallstones?

Bile secretion of fats in the liver and intestines approximately 1 liter per day to ensure the absorption of some vitamins have diverse functions. Bile from the liver flows into the duodenum of the stomach on the way here as by the structure of the gallbladder to accumulate, the intensity of absorbed water increases. The bile gallbladder after ingestion of certain foods, including fatty foods, especially concentrated in the duodenum leads towards struts.Under normal conditions a mixture of the various ingredients of the composition in specific amounts, thanks to the fluidity maintains. Situated in the bile, but this component increase or decrease in any, disruption in the flow of bile and “sediment Maker” causes become.

Both of these deposits both in cases of prolonged starvation or fed through a vein for a long time just called biliary sludge, gallstone formation in bile sediments also plays a role.

What Are The Symptoms?

After the start of gallstone formation has increased while the number and size of the stones usually do not cause any symptoms. The majority of gallstones, watching in silence, except when emergencies, some tests are made, or for whom surgery is noticed by chance. However, it is found in the gall bladder, and stones moving under the effect of gravity, the output from passing out of the gall bladder, the usual is starting to give signs when the drain is blocked. If I went to the common bile duct stone gallstone disease during the course of a much more problematic process is introduced.This process, which is known as obstructive jaundice, the patient is abdominal pain, jaundice, the color of red or brown urine, nausea, and vomiting can be seen. Serious life-threatening infection can also be added to the table if this is causing problems. Cholangitis gives the name of this disease. The common bile duct cholangitis, an inflammatory disease of the pancreas, which is a gallstone falls outside of whose can be a cause of acute pancreatitis. This disease is life-threatening.

Other diseases leads to gallstones?

Gallstones; inflammation of the gall bladder, the bile duct obstructive jaundice Developing by the fall of a stone, all can cause serious diseases such as inflammation of the bile ducts and pancreas. Patients with symptoms usually of the abdomen right upper part of the pain, this pain can be felt in the right side of the spread to the right and back, nausea and sometimes vomiting in the form of episodes.

If you have inflammation to the fire is added to the table. These painful attacks usually fat, heavy watches around and begins 1-5 hours after a meal.

Other cause of gallstones of disease in rare cases the pouch on the wall of a large stone in the gall bladder in a long time, puncturing the intestine and pass into the small intestine mechanical obstruction is another complication that causes a narrow place. A growing number of constantly growing during the natural course of gallstones gall bladder irritation of the inner membrane, a chronic inflammation increases the risk of becoming cancerous are increasingly shaped table. Especially in patients with stones 2-3 cm in excess of the dimensions of risk is high.

What Are The Risk Factors?

Gallstones is more common in women than in men. Also age, excess weight, and so for the sake of birth among the risk factors.

How To Put The Diagnosis?

The diagnosis of the disease; findings of a typical examination together with blood, urine, stool tests, and ultrasonography (us) diagnosed by. These examinations with close to 100 percent definitive diagnosis can be reached. Infrequently, Computed Tomography, other imaging methods such as MRI are referred to. Ultrasound for stones in the bile duct, ERCP endoscopic interventions also outside of what we call both diagnosis and treatment.

Of Gallstones What Does The Treatment Involve?

A variety of methods are used in the treatment of the disease and its complications. Laparoscopic surgery are the most commonly used method. Less than 5 per cent of open surgery with gallbladder surgery are performed. Prior surgery or open surgery performed in the abdomen or the most common cause of attacks are bound by adhesions. PTK and other treatment methods that are used in cases that ercp is required.

Gallstones are the cause of the complaint a portion of a short-term improvement can be achieved after treatment. However, sometimes require emergency surgery increasingly aggravated the clinical course. Problems like diabetes and more severe attacks especially in patients with immediate surgical intervention is still inevitable. Decided to perform also in cases of repeated attacks. Because every attack, gall bladder and surrounding tissues at varying levels, causing permanent damage in some.



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