Trust in terms of children

Trust in terms of children and “keep its promise” - Trust in terms of children

Trust in terms of children and “keep its promise”

uzgun cocuk 3 - Trust in terms of children

Here’s a lot about this , mom and dad of in the negative sense, very successful. We didn’t plan our time properly, we don’t fulfill our promise to the child. When our child wants something, as a mom or dad, “Okay, we’ll do as we say. The boy asks: “what time?” We’ll give a random date from planning: “this weekend we’ll do or we’ll do that day.” Remember, kids are very smart and don’t forget our promises to them, they’ll remind you when the day comes. “Where Are we going?”, they ask.

Child your child you believe and trust in terms of, in terms of bond that will form between you as a parent are valuable and important!

cocuk ve guven - Trust in terms of childrenThink of yourself as an adult. Someone in the workplace or in your personal life Promises, Promises what do you do when you did not keep? The promise was kept when it is not necessarily a sanction. “Kid, don’t touch me,” who is mother and father is actually wrong. Emotions in children’s memory and carry a notebook and take note of all of them. “Said and done” the child saves. Now if your child told you what exactly it doesn’t matter if you broke your faith, your child will believe you.

In terms of trust and the development of children is adversely affected.

Give a promise to believe, “what we do” pattern does not convince, even if it does not adapt to you and listens to your words. Child development is very harmful in terms of this condition.

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