Twin pregnancy symptoms and complications

Twin Pregnancy - Twin pregnancy symptoms and complications

Twin pregnancies has soared since 1980. In 2014, approximately 3 percent of all children born are twins. A pregnant new mother of twins will be one of the first questions frequently asked is whether. It’s just an embryo in the womb until it is confirmed that there is, this has the potential to be always true. With the Twins in the family, has never before given birth to twins, women who have undergone fertility treatment or the possibility of a twin pregnancy is more likely. Symptoms of a twin pregnancy and the complications which will be addressed in this paper.

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Some women want to have twins, while others are afraid of this possibility. Their biological families or who are knowledgeable about the risks for pregnancy in women with a history of twins doesn’t come as confirmation of their own twin shock. However, don’t expect to get more than one baby or pregnant with pregnant with twins who plan to never get pregnant for women to know that they are a real surprise. Denial, shock, confusion, apathy, and even anger … where was the early days of twin pregnancy diagnosis in the common feelings. However, these feelings diminish with time and most women have two babies that will accepts.

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Twin pregnancy symptoms are not very different from normal pregnancy symptoms, but it felt earlier. The pregnancy is a twin pregnancy as every woman is unique and highly individual is also associated with some of the classic or standard symptoms to be aware of. Most of them the pregnancy hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin hormone) is high stems from the fact that. This hormone is primarily responsible for protecting and to maximise the chances of embryo survival.

Factors That Increase The Likelihood Of A Twin Pregnancy

*Over 30 years, and peri-menopausal period in women with twin pregnancy is more common.
*The rate of twin pregnancy in women who are taller than average more than the shorter ones.
*Overweight women with body mass index over 25 is likely to conceive twins.
*A twin pregnancy or who lived before the birth family, for example, mother, sister or aunt who have received fertility treatment, which has given birth to twins before, of African American descent increases the possibility of a twin pregnancy in women who are.

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Yet even before some women know they are pregnant with twins pregnancy confirm their hunches. Some women have their spouses, relatives, are said to have been by family or a very close friend pregnant with twins. Despite the lack of evidence to support this claim when a twin pregnancy is confirmed the pregnant woman, it wouldn’t surprise to. There are many different symptoms of twin pregnancy. The symptoms:

Morning Sickness

Excessive morning sickness in the early stages of pregnancy it could be. This is so extreme that sometimes it is the mother-to-digest foods are the simplest meals smoothest and forced to endure anything else. However, severe morning sickness all the lives of mothers who are pregnant with twins. Every mother and pregnancy is different. The inhabitants of nausea, you need to:

A healthy and balanced diet should be implemented. This also helps regulate blood sugar levels. Liver should be supported. Liver of pregnancy in the first three months are usually extremely loaded. Some herbal tea, such as lemon juice apple cider vinegar and fermented foods can be consumed. The digestive system can be relieved with ginger and mint tea, stomach discomfort and nausea can be reduced. On an empty stomach, I wake up, and eat something that contains protein and complex carbohydrates will reduce the nausea caused by low blood sugar.

Tolerance in foodc8 5 300x280 - Twin pregnancy symptoms and complications

Women who have extreme morning sickness in a twin pregnancy in a similar way to a strong aversion to certain foods occurs. Usually meat, Yesil vegetables, seafood, coffee and tea are disgusting in the first rank among the food items. Some evidence indicate that changes in taste perception during pregnancy may lead to intolerance. According to another theory, the unwillingness unwillingness for the developing baby but is protective of food is actually more complicated than that. Whatever the reason, it is best to avoid the food for the reluctance. Meat juice, bananas, avocados, oats, that can be tolerated, light, healthy, delicious foods to eat should be careful and should not be stress on the subject. Reluctance usually go away within a few weeks.

Your belly and uterus to be larger than normal

A couple of women who have a twin pregnancy the uterus is so large as to suggest that the embryo, rather than two. Possible to measure the height of fundraising for twins is a more reliable identifier. To see that the baby is growing normally about 12 of pregnancy the midwives and doctors. From week the fundal height (the height of the uterus) measures. A pregnant woman may have twins that will mean shrub height to be more than expected.

Extreme Breast Tenderness

Feeling uncomfortable or difficult to wear a bra to give your boobs enough and hormone levels in early pregnancy symptom twin pregnancy, with an overall height of sensitization. The straps until the end of pregnancy non-strapless bra or a nursing bra to use it relaxes. The bed is in motion to avoid the pain that occurs while sleep cotton can be worn with a bra. Breasts until sensitivity thins running, jumping, or suffering from should be protected.

Frequent Urinationc7 6 300x209 - Twin pregnancy symptoms and complications

Depending on the level of hCG in urine and increased desire to go to the toilet an increase in twin pregnancy is noticeable. In the early hours of the day, liquids should be taken 1-2 hours before bedtime fluid intake must be stopped. Coffee, tea, mineral water avoid drinks with a diuretic to urinate more such as to work to prevent exit. When you go to the toilet, the bladder must be completely emptied, you must wait a few seconds to be sure of that.

Weakness and fatigue

Any pregnant women may experience fatigue, but many parents who are pregnant with twins feel completely exhausted. Progesterone hormones, an increase in basal metabolic fatigue is one of the causes of rising uterus felt carrying two babies. If you feel yourself very exhausted pregnant woman to work if you can take a nap on your lunch break, at night, sleep early. Try to calm yourself by taking deep breaths to force her to sleep. A healthy prenatal diet also can increase your energy level. Fatigue is also rich in vitamin B nutrients such as bee pollen or brewer’s yeast flakes can help prevent. Loss of water can also cause fatigue because your body drink plenty of water. Increase the energy to walk 20 minutes a day.

Uterine Cramps

Some women cramp more than other women without any uterine blood loss associated with puts. This allows the uterus to remain in place the round ligaments being stretched, or is caused by a relatively rapid expansion of the uterus.

Heart Rate Rising

The basal metabolic rate increases during pregnancy to provide nutrition to the baby. Similarly, heart rate increases during rest. Normally, the resting heart rate is close to 70 shot per minute. Reaches 80 to 100 percent during pregnancy. Heart rate may be even higher with a twin pregnancy. He was diagnosed with tachycardia high if more than 100 sets. Tachycardia in pregnancy is considered normal usually, so no need to worry, however, should be monitored by a midwife or doctor. The circulatory system can be kept quiet in some ways. Well-balanced meals and snacks to balance your blood sugar levels at regular intervals, deep breathing exercises or meditation, listening to soothing music will help calm and protect. Rock concerts, congested traffic, crowded streets, walking, etc. high should avoid stressful environments. Also tea such as chamomile and lavender therapeutic (curative) use herbs, essential oils spread in the environment and be in constant contact with the doctor is recommended.

Irritability, Moodiness

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Prone to crying, to possess a common pregnancy symptom is an unstable mood, but women tend to be more extreme these feelings when they are pregnant with twins. Hormonal fluctuations and mood changes is responsible for the biological changes that occur in the body. When it experiences ups and downs in mood, the following can be done:
The emotions unspeakable things to be written may be written to the log because it is relaxing. A trusted person (spouse, family members or friends) support can be taken. To seek shelter in spirituality, pray, pray, and organize their feelings. Intense feelings we should not worry too much because it will go as easy as they came.

Early Baby Movements

It is felt that the baby or babies during pregnancy acted sooner. Women who are pregnant with twins 15-16 movements. the week before, even if does make a difference.

Twin Pregnancy Is Verified How?

Although he doubted the Twins twin pregnancy the pregnant woman’s husband or of health care 100% to verify you can be sure. Definitely a twin pregnancy an ultrasound there are very few things that point to a diagnosis other than. Science-backed signs include:

*Two embryos on the ultrasound screen clearly defined
*more than one heartbeat
A second routine pregnancy heartbeat can be heard in the proceedings. However, sometimes may not be heard two heartbeats with a Doppler though, a pregnant woman may be carrying twins.
*The amount of abnormal AFP
Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP), a protein produced by a developing baby’s liver during pregnancy a variety of. This protein then passes into the mother’s blood. A test that is done in the second trimester of the fetus through the mother’s blood measures the amount of AFP secreted from the liver. The main aim of this test is to determine if you have Down syndrome or chromosomal abnormalities. However, a high level of AFP may mean that the two babies. In a study, twin-bearing women carrying a single baby that is two to three times higher than has been shown to AFP.
* HCG levels
In general, the twin pregnancy hCG is a hormone that is secreted from the mother’s body to produce more which causes. High hCG levels early pregnancy can be reflected on the urine test. A menstrual period may be delayed even before that pregnancy test on the stick so high level that shows strong positivity and a clear signal appears. Therapy women who take infertility blood tests in the very early stages of pregnancy, even in very high hCG concentrations may indicate. However, to a large extent of the production of hCG can vary from woman to woman, carrying twin babies, the mother’s high level therefore could not be used as a decisive criterion, it should be noted that. Some women with singular pregnancies hCG produces unusually high, unusually low, and vice versa some women with multiple pregnancy produces hCG.

Secret could be a twin pregnancy?

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Although there are many signs of twin pregnancy, the ultrasound that there is only one way to know for certain. A baby on an early ultrasound because it is hidden behind the other a twin pregnancy may not occur but this is rare. The 20-week ultrasound scan during pregnant woman will know with certainty whether the twins no doubt are. Although still rare, or in cases where antenatal care was not, until the babies are born it is possible to prevent a twin pregnancy.

Twin Pregnancy Complications

Unfortunately the risks in twin pregnancy general pregnancy is increasing. However, many women pregnant with twins necessarily being a smooth pregnancy and the occurrence of complications does not require to learn and keep in mind it still works. Complications include the following:
*Premature birth ( 38. the week before that).
* Two babies of birth weight less embryo to grow in the same field.
*One of the twins more than the other twin during pregnancy nutrition and take up more space because a baby is smaller than the other.
*Preeclampsia or pregnancy poisoning.
This problem requires the tracking of pregnancy constantly. High blood pressure, edema, protein in urine in the form of indications to be taken.
*Gestational diabetes (gestational diabetes)
Certain hormones in a woman before pregnancy, with no issues of diabetes during pregnancy and usually disappears after birth due to the increase of blood sugar is elevated. However, patients with gestational diabetes should be closely monitored.

Those Who Are Pregnant With Twins You Need To Keep In Mindc4 19 300x156 - Twin pregnancy symptoms and complications

Some important points to keep in mind include those who are pregnant with twins.
*A qualified pregnancy and regular follow-up should be performed.
* Obstetrician, family doctor or information about their diet should be taken that the connection should not be severed.
*Pregnant women should give yourself ample opportunity to rest. The Twins ‘ growth and development pretty much for a woman’s body requires energy. Use the rights of working pregnant women, must receive support from family members.
*Carrying a baby in the womb ultrasound checks should be more regular.
*Health care must be taken to the institution and plan in advance of the birth. The twins tend to be born early.

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