Types Of Simple Machines

Types Of Simple Machines - Types Of Simple Machines

Types Of Simple Machines

Work is accomplished by applying a force over a distance. These simple machines, the input force is larger than an output power form. The ratio of these forces is the mechanical advantage of the machine. The six simple machines has been used for thousands of years. These machines together to create a greater mechanical advantage as in the case of a bicycle can be used.

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A crowbar, a hard object and a fulcrum (or miles) that contains a simple machine. To apply a force to the end of the rigid object, causes it to rotate around the fulcrum, and Buddha, hard object at another point along the force causes them to be enlarged. Input force, output force, and the rest of the are arranged into three levels depending on where it is relative to each other. Perfect for carry or lift anything heavy. This is a simple machine that is very useful and you can find them everywhere. Good examples of the arms between a seesaw, a crowbar, fishing gear, shovels, wheelbarrows and spades in the lobby.

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Wheel Axle

A wheel, a rod connected to a circular device in the center that is hard. This simple machine, both the center cylinder contains two circular object of participating in a larger disk to a smaller. The larger drive wheel is called the axle or rod and a smaller cylindrical object is called. Sometimes, two wheels may be connected to each end of the axle. A wheel axle is a simple machine alone or a standalone. Must be combined to be known as a simple machine. A force applied to the rotation of the axle causes the wheel to enlarge the force that can be used. Alternatively, to provide a return force that is applied on the axle of the wheel to rotate. A lever rotating around the central mast can be seen as a type of. Ferris wheels, tires, and rolling pins, the wheel axles are examples.

Inclined plane

An inclined plane is a plane surface set at an angle to another surface. An inclined plane is a simple machine that does not have moving parts. This is only a curved surface. Upward and remove objects directly, objects higher or lower makes it easy to transport to the surface. Inclined planes for the transport of the heavy stones to build the pyramids the ancient Egyptians are believed to have used. ‘Curved’, it means that at one end is removed or upgraded. An inclined plane, built in a frame or block may be based on a higher position. On an inclined plane a ramp is called. This is a longer distance the force you’re applying to will perform the same amount of the job. Most of the simple inclined plane a ramp, a ramp and climbing up the height to a higher level and requires much less power vertically.

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A wedge is a double inclined plane to apply a force moving along the length of the edge. A wedge, usually metal, wood, stone or plastic made of a triangular instrument. Thin or thick at one end and at the other end to a sharp edge examined. A wedge can be added to the handle to make it easier to use. The force is perpendicular to the inclined surfaces, therefore the two objects (or portions of objects) separates. Axes, knives and cutters are all examples of wedges. The common “door wedge” surfaces, rather than things separate uses to provide friction, but still basically a wedge.


A screw is a shaft with a groove along the inclined surface. By turning the screw (applying a torque), the force is converted to a rotational force applied perpendicular to the groove so that it is linear. Of Babylon to rise from a low level to a higher level that might cause the “screw” despite the development of nowadays often used to combine the objects.


A rope or cable can be placed on a pulley, a wheel with a groove along the edge. The magnitude of the required force over a longer distance and also to reduce the tension in the rope or cable uses the principle of force application. Greatly reduce the power that must be applied initially to move a reel to complex pulley systems can be used.

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