Underarm Darkening causes and natural treatment methods

WHAT CAUSES UNDERARM DARKENING - Underarm Darkening causes and natural treatment methods

Under the arm, which in the summer has become a nightmare for women if you say kararmal causes and natural methods that you can apply at home if you are looking for, you came to the right place.


Underarm darkening, with the arrival of summer, women’s worst nightmare becomes. With short sleeves and under the arm that occur over time in a closet with clothes hangers kararmal begins to show itself taking place. Armpit kararmal they are usually dark-skinned individuals, a more common condition. However,excessive perspiration, use deodorant , and Hair Removal Creams causes darkening of factors such as the seats.

Although they did not emerge suddenly kararmal armpit, is a condition that occurs over time.Many external factors besides the effect of the genetic structure plays an important role in underarm darkening. However, typically underarm darkening is not considered as a disease.Used,deodorant, warm waxing, hair removal and factors such as hormone changes, leads to the darkening of the axillary region.

koltuk alti kararmasi nedir - Underarm Darkening causes and natural treatment methods



The problem of sweating in the armpit area and minimize the bad odor that arise due to used to prevent sweat and deodorant in the armpit area, and are the cause of products such as blacking out. Products such as deodorant and everybody may not be causing the same problem. Usually known as an effective factor in people who are prone to darkening under the seat. The use of products such as Deodorant instead of soap and water to do maintenance and cleaning with natural products such as it is suggested by experts.

Warm Waxing

Warm waxing hair removal under the arm with one of the common problems of those who do very kararmal. Use the very hot wax is one of the major causes of darkening under the seat. It has melted the wax too hot or very dense and viscous, such as skin irritation and use it as underarm darkening can lead to problems. Make sure the wax you use is fully melted and warm. It also causes skin irritation and bruising to pull feathers from the air.

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Hair removal with hair removal cream and a razor

Hair Removal Creams are used after genetically predisposed, and dark-skinned people causes underarm darkening. At the same time with a razor for hair removal and underarm are known to cause irritation of your skin do. Apply the same process to dry the area with a razor and hair removal can cause skin irritation repeat a few times, while at the same time leads to darkening of the skin.

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Hormone Change

Armpit kararmal they are usually connected to the hormone change in pregnancy is a condition frequently encountered in the period. Continuously changing during pregnancy due to the hormones in the body increases the production of melanin causes darkening and staining of your skin with this.



Whiten With Baking Soda

The use of carbonate blacking out under the arm with one of the best methods to use. Both carbonate and similar products causes the bottom of the seat protects you from the damage of brushing and deodorant graying.

Whiten With Lemon

Skin darkening, darkening of color and the addition of lemon is used in many varying products and goods. In underarm darkening is used as a natural bleach, lemon is also a very good anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties. However, people with sensitive skin whitening with lemon potatoes on acid content instead of below, we outline the method you can implement.

Lemon juice is a quantity of turmeric, yogurt and honey prepare by adding dry, leave for 10-15 minutes and rub your armpits darkened. Then wash thoroughly by rinsing in water alone.The lime bath at the same time you continue to rub your armpits before using the product without any second will give the same effect. However, Lemon we recommend that you use a moisturizer after the bath due to drying of the skin.

koltuk alti kararmasi ve limon 001 - Underarm Darkening causes and natural treatment methods

Whiten With Potatoes

A thin slice of potato which is one of the Natural Methods in whitening your underarm area by rubbing for 10 minutes KEIP darkening to apply. You can do the same process with the water from the grated potatoes. After the procedure your armpits thoroughly.

Whitening Skin Peeling Method

Dead skin that accumulates in the armpit area thickening of the skin and causes darkening of the skin. For these reasons there are several methods that are used for the purpose of darkening underarm.

  • The rub by mixing brown sugar 3 tablespoons olive oil and apply to the underarm area.Apply this process prior to the bath for 2-3 minutes and rinse well. 2 times per week should be administered.
  • Blistering apply toothpaste to rub the dust using water or rose water to prepare your underarm area. After the transaction, rinse thoroughly.
  • That cause for the removal of dead skin accumulating gold to darken the seat and pumice stone are also frequently used. Pumice and pumice feet and can cause skin irritation in some people known as. For this reason, during the bath, without applying too much pressure should be applied.

Whitening With Milk

Two tablespoons milk, one tablespoon flour prepare the dough with one teaspoon of curd and apply to your underarm area. You kept waiting for 15 minutes and rinse with plenty of dough. The vitamins and fatty acids in milk graying of the skin.

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