Vehicles Brake Maintenance

Vehicles Brake Maintenance - Vehicles Brake Maintenance

As is known, the brakes of the vehicle in terms of safety is one of the most important components. Limping on the brakes so the brake maintenance at Frequent intervals to prevent the unexpected moments is essential.

Brake Pads Should Be Replaced Regularly?

Obviously changing the brake pads is out of the question for a specific time range. Because the features of each tool are used where road conditions, driving habits of the driver, etc. a time interval for changing the brake pads are different because the factors in general can be given. However, what needs to be done often in the control of the brake pads is maintained. By periodically checking the brake linings in the case of any failure occurs because competent people are identified and can be prevented before occurrence.

The drivers themselves also if they check the brake pads to review some bugs can escape. If so, it should be inspected by a professional.

The Brake Fluid Which Must Be Refreshed In A Time Interval?

The renewal of the brake fluid is between 2 and 4 years between vehicle manufacturers brake fluid should be renewed every year, they also stated appropriate professionals visuals. Necessarily also the brake fluid should be carried out by competent persons. Otherwise, the brake Assembly may be damaged and endanger the safety of this vehicle.

What Are The Causes Of The Elongation Of The Braking Distance?

Braking distance may increase for various reasons. Some of the reasons:

  • The depth of the teeth rubber that is reduced. Depending on wear, it is no longer the grip of the wheels may be reduced. This floating braking distance increases.
  • A factor that affects stopping distance is the tire air.
  • In case of aging or end of pads the braking distance is extended.
  • Extends the braking distance of the tires that are not selected according to the season.
  • Pressing the brake and the clutch at the same time cutting off the stopping distance when the first clutch after the brake will extend the stopping distance.
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