Venomous and non-venomous snakes how to distinguish It?

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1 62 300x200 - Venomous and non-venomous snakes how to distinguish It?Snakes, types, and views, regardless of how it is seen by many people as a symbol of deadly danger.Contrary to this common perspective and narrow, with snakes in the food chain and the ecological balance of one of the most vital rings represent. Poisonous snakes of poisons obtained from here, it should be noted that medicine is now used in the treatment of many deadly diseases.Snakes, Poison, attack rather than being a tool like all other creatures, a defense mechanism or a digestive tool.Digest the flesh of their prey with their venom the vast majority of poisonous snakes and their prey in a manner more effortless by immobilized facilitate the process of swallowing . Snakes living on land and in the sea until it comes to live hundreds of deadly poisonous. Snakes, for which they were both committed a lot of views and media literary works is one of the notorious creatures with poison.It is a job that requires professionalism to be able to distinguish whether the snake is poisonous, though the toxic species of non-venomous qualities that distinguishes some characteristic ones are available. In this article we try to explain the typical features. Ophidia snakes by scientific name in the literature is known as. The snakes are scaly reptiles ophidia of the team that are connected to the undercarriage 112 million years ago, the 4-legged it is estimated that evolved from reptiles. Specially to the study of snakes is called physiology.2700 species of snakes were identified with their families and separated itself in recent classifications 10-13. This 2700 snake species are spread across the globe in a way that is living. Some poisonous snakes have a neurotoxin that is considered dangerous to humans that are 800 the number of ones is close to 350. All of the remaining snakes are non-toxic. 52 is close to the number of snake species detected in our country. Much of these snakes while it is completely nontoxic 34 13% toxic 5% partially toxic.Any snake including poisonous snakes are not inclined to attack any person directly, unless to be harmed. Now that will make you look for poisonous snakes to distinguish between the main features:

13807 snake venom ranger rick ftr 300x188 - Venomous and non-venomous snakes how to distinguish It?1-themost important one of the criteria for distinguishing a venomous snake triangle comes to a head. Non-poisonous snakes, while venomous snakes have oval head has a partially sharp-pointed structures of the head are available. The poison of the poisonous snakes in this square shape of the head allows you to keep the jaws close to them that they need more abundant.
2- non-venomous snakes in humans, such as to form a horizontal pupil. Without exception the pupils of poisonous snakes have a vertical structure. The structure of the eye, this provides a great advantage in hunting ambush them.
3- Poisonous snakes have a shorter length compared to other snakes. The anus the tail end.
4- poisonous snakes and their poisonous fangs to inject Poison swallow their prey so the snake bites is available in both the two outer traces of the two long holes are seen. Non-the fangs of venomous snakes is very small, although at that place bites following in the footsteps of the two outer holes in the shape of the outer circular rather than a bite occurs.
5- to be able to better detect their prey, poisonous snakes, include small holes in the sides of their noses.
6- Poisonous snakes, especially on their heads a very large number, significant and small scales. These stamps shows the distribution along the line the body in the same way. Non-venomous snakes as these stamps is large is less.
7- poisonous snakes diving into the water so there isn’t much in the way their bodies look all of the capabilities of water remain in the milk. Non-venomous snakes and diving into the water has the ability to stay under water a long time.
13807 3 300x200 - Venomous and non-venomous snakes how to distinguish It?8- Poisonous snakes shake their tails, or like the Viper, the scales on the tail it vibrates as a CAC sounds. Non-venomous snakes there is such a feature.
9- poisonous snakes, with a few minor Exceptions (Black Mamba) are quite colorful patterns. Non-venomous snakes are mostly of one colour skin have a pattern.
10- poisonous snakes, poisonous more than one cumbersome and slow. In contrast, agile and fast-moving snakes are mostly non-toxic are the ones that are.
11- Poisonous snakes tend to hide in the daytime they mostly hunt at night because they have to. Daytime hunting snakes in movement and largely non-venomous snake.

While snake bites poisonous snakes yielded important information about practical information emergency assistance and will not pass without giving.

13807 2 300x238 - Venomous and non-venomous snakes how to distinguish It?Every poisonous snake that bites first have the benefit of being from the possibility that it might not be not to panic. Snake-bitten in two distinct saw teeth marks the place immediately if a tourniquet is applied through a rope or a belt from the area of the bite. Clean the bite area with the help of a cutting tool after the hot removal of the poison injected by Apple relevant to the region is provided. At this point, if any of your teeth healthy and your mouth to suck the poison out or injured region is an effective technique for absorbing.After applying these operations, it should be applied immediately to the nearest health centre. One of the common mistakes is to try to catch and kill the snake snake bites. Will bring the risk of being bitten again as it will be of any benefit. At this point what needs to be done will be to carefully describe the type of snake.


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