Vitamins and nutrients that help increase height

foods that help lengthen - Vitamins and nutrients that help increase height

In particular development-age children to consume vitamin and mineral rich food and highly beneficial for bone health on Nov. A well balanced diet with beneficial nutrients and vitamins.

About the boy that genetic factors played a significant role in the diet are very important.Without doubt one of a healthy diet body essential for growth and bone health. Your body needs vitamins and minerals in foods are met with the help of the resistance of the body increases, and the development of Nov supported.

Genetic factors are closely linked to the height of the child to the desired level by doing the right exercises regularly and eating a healthy diet can be removed. In particular development-age children consume vitamin and mineral rich foods and the development of the body bone growth and had a positive impact on the environment.

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With aging, the psychology of obsession and the short length has a negative impact on the person which has become complex. Development of children especially in the age of basketball, volleyball and swimming activities, such as while the child has a positive effect on the Aspect Ratio alone may not be enough. Taller males until the age of 25 continued until the age of 18-19 for women continues.

B1, B2, C, and D vitamins as well as calcium and phosphorus and bone consume foods rich in it helps with the development of the system Nov and body vitamin and mineral needs, they will be provided with a support portion. Applied sport and exercise alone wouldn’t be enough, not to mention that you must necessarily follow the rules of regular and healthy nutrition.

You can participate in various sports activities such as basketball and swimming, sports and body Development you can contribute. However, the two most important conditions of a healthy diet a healthy diet will have one sport of the other. You are making the effort to provide you with the nutrients and energy and in sport it is quite important.



Vitamin C

c vitamini  - Vitamins and nutrients that help increase height

A source of powerful antioxidant vitamin C, which the body has a very important place in terms of Health. The property of increasing the resistance of the body, as well as vitamin C which provides protection against diseases, Nov, and is very beneficial for the bone system.

Vitamin C also significantly contribute to the development of bone, teeth and skin which is quite effective in terms of Health. Especially people who play sports for the increase of the resistance of the body of vitamin C-rich foods to feed it will be quite useful.

Vitamin D

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The benefits of vitamin D and bone health in terms of Nov are well known. Development-age children, especially vitamin D. the vitamins that one needs to eat. Tooth decay, bone weakening, and problems such as vitamin D. one of the causes of extreme weakness.Developmental age in order to contribute to bone development in children vitamin D-rich foods it is recommended to choose.

Also rich source of vitamin D is the sun, which is playing an effective role against bone development. The consumption of milk, which is rich in vitamin D is essential for bone development.


kalsiyum  - Vitamins and nutrients that help increase height

Along with calcium vitamin D consumed an extra effect. Bone is a very important mineral calcium, which is a sine qua non of development. Individuals from each age group on a daily basis which is a source of calcium milk and milk products, are advised to eat foods such as spinach as well as Kale VA.

Known as a repository of calcium, milk and dairy products has a very important place in terms of bone development. The development experts-age children, recommends that you drink a glass of milk every day regularly. Along with age should increase the rate of calcium consumed.

During the consumption of calcium salt, carbonated drinks, sugar and coffee consumption should be limited to necessarily. Otherwise the effects of a decline in calcium will occur.


protein - Vitamins and nutrients that help increase height

Eating a healthy diet and diet lists are a sine qua non of the proteins which the body has a very important place in terms of development. Our body are the building blocks of proteins, which is one of the most important factors that helps to height.

Nov protein deficiency and bone weakness, weight loss, and causes problems such as growth retardation. Developmental age of children and adults, protein-rich foods that I prefer resistance and provides protection against many diseases and problems. Fish, milk, eggs, meat and legumes are rich sources of protein.


Milk and milk products

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It is a rich repository of calcium which is very rich in calcium dairy products. A source of protein and calcium as well as vitamin C content is one of the most important factors supporting growth. Experts especially the growth-age children and recommends that you consume dairy products on a daily basis.

The consumption of milk, cheese and yogurt as well as due to the consumption of our body cover a substantial portion of calcium and protein. Developmental age of children and adolescents is one of the neglect important food groups. Development-age children and adults consume milk regularly as well as in repairing the deformation of the bones occurring in Nov.

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Fruits and vegetables are quite rich in terms of content, which are the necessities of healthy living. In particular, it largely contributes to bone development growth supporting vitamins and minerals.

Fruits and vegetables rich in fibre and folic acid as well as vitamin A which is very rich in melon, grapefruit, Mango, watermelon, apricots, potatoes, tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, zucchini and carrots, the consumption of it is suggested by the experts.

Red meat and chicken

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Protein content in meat that has a very rich development of the most important age for children to consume one of the food groups. The consumption of red meat as well as chicken your body with the protein it needs largely met. With the consumption of red meat and chicken Nov you can help by supporting the development of tissues and grow.


Diet and healthy eating list, which is the sine qua non of the egg is an excellent source of protein. Eggs, when consumed regularly helps to meet the energy needs of the body and also will support the regeneration of cells.

The age and development of adolescents are advised to eat eggs on a daily basis. The only white that is involved in the increase of the amount of consumption of egg should be consumed. Otherwise, excessive consumption of eggs may cause weight gain and atherosclerosis.


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