Ways To Cope With Stress

Ways To Cope With Stress - Ways To Cope With Stress

Uses to which people cope with stress? Here are the details…

Regardless of the source of stress requires adaptation. Psychologists have made a distinction between two types of defensive coping and adaptation directly.

Direct coping refers to any behavior that is made to change an uncomfortable situation. For example, our needs or our requests will try to remove the barrier between ourselves when our goal is blocked or give up. We are being threatened in a similar way, we aim to eliminate the source of danger by attacking or running away.

Defensive coping people themselves, what they haven’t really threatened or really want to the different ways that they could earned points.

Self-delusion is a form of defensive coping, which is extremely threatening to bring an issue to handle and deal with him directly to the surface of consciousness emerging that we ended emotionally, often unconscious, inner conflict consists of. We decide to defend ourselves in an effort to avoid this kind of problem.

How Do You People Deal With Stress?

stresle basa cikmak - Ways To Cope With Stress

Direct coping: we are threatened, we are blocked, or to deal directly when we are in conflict, confrontation, compromise or retreat we have three basic options.

1. Confrontation: face to face with the problem that the solution needs to be found of the person to accept the existence of the problem, go on and progress towards their goal with determination. Yuzlesici the distinctive characteristic of style, it is important to realize your ambitions and make an intensive effort to cope with stress.

This coping style, skill learning, or simply to spend much effort to help other people, as it contains the person himself or may require you to take some steps to change in which it resides.

2.Reconciliation: one of the most common and effective ways to deal directly with conflict or interference. We can’t have everything we want and we can’t wait to do what we want from other people most of the times we accept. In such cases, we decide to settle for less than we want.

3. Retreat: in some cases the most effective way to cope with stress may withdraw from the environment. For example, a person who is at the amusement park, only watching her intense anxiety experienced or even less-threatening amusement park rides in a vehicle, or completely dismisses.

Defensive coping: when a stressful situation occurs, and it can be done if you have to deal directly with very few things that people often resort to defense mechanisms another way.Defense mechanisms, conscious or unconscious, whether let me work in, and allows you to cope with the stress unbearable.

Denial, pain, or threatening to deny the existence of truth. Suppression therapy unacceptable thoughts or is pushed out of the inner consciousness. A specific problem if we can not suppress or deny, mirror, or we refer.

Setting up identification, format and people in situations that you feel powerless themselves completely to another defensive coping takes place. Sometimes when people are under extreme stress, Re-return to childlike behaviors. Defensive coping, such stress is called.

Sometimes people, especially emotionally problems to zoom out from an uncomfortable situation they entellektuellestirirlThe development of the opposite reaction, thinking and emotions are expressed with an exaggerated intensity of the opposite, where the denial of a species points to a behavioral.

Displacement, suppressed of emotion and motive of the principal is directed to objects other objects as replacements. Deification of suppressed emotions is more socially acceptable to be converted to the formats it contains.

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