Ways To Prevent Tooth Decay

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Everyone is obligated to pay attention to your dental and oral health, because a problem with your teeth, so many people invite many diseases. Here are recommendations from experts aimed at protecting the dental health;

Dental health is very important and even a tiny bruise, cardiovascular disease, rheumatism, ulcers, kidney and liver diseases and many other diseases can cause. So no decay will not necessarily be neglected, and treatment should be avoided.

How To Go To The Dentist Regularly Is Important

Such a consciousness formed in our country it is necessary to go in 6 months to visit a dentist. In order to avoid more serious problems in the future, controls are increasingly necessary to pay attention to the oral and dental care and it is important that the doctor be constructed.

How We Can Avoid Tooth Decay

– Morning, noon and in the evening you should brush your teeth. Dental floss should be used and teeth should be cleaned with mouthwash is definitely more detailed. For cleaning the teeth, flossing is very important. Brushed teeth with dental floss how much is thought to be scrubbed, even though a more detail cleaning is done. Floss should be used regularly every day for this once.

– Eating healthy is another way of preventing tooth decay. For your health, your body needs vitamins, minerals, nutrients such as carbohydrates, it is absolutely necessary. It is important that these nutrients be taken in a balanced manner. The other important point nuts, hard foods such as walnuts that should not be broken by the teeth.

– Food and acts as a toothbrush did you know that? For example, carrots, foods such as apples used to clean your teeth. Fiber foods helps to clean the teeth.

– Sugar, chocolate, and marshmallow desserts such as brushing teeth and the mouth always after eating, wash out thoroughly with water.

– Chewing gum helps to clean teeth also. It’s important that sugarless gum alone.

Acidic drinks will cause tooth decay. So opt for natural fruit juices instead of carbonated beverages.

– Fluoride application strengthens the teeth also.

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