What Are Internal Parasites In Dogs What Are The Types?

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What Are Internal Parasites In Dogs?

7672 kopeklerde ic parazit nedir 300x199 - What Are Internal Parasites In Dogs What Are The Types?Internal parasites are one of our lovely friends that spends most of the ailments. Internal parasites, external parasites more dangerous. However, the formation of internal parasites, again occurs under the influence of external noise. So, external parasites are transported through the mouth to the internal organs. Examples of these include fleas, ticks, external parasites to show you is very true. External parasites the eggs that these dogs left in the body of the dog is transmitted through the mouth. Internal parasites in dogs, the animal prevents the fulfillment of the activities of the internal organs by entering the different organs.Internal parasites found in the stomach and intestines are usually more intense. In addition, in organs such as the heart and lung, caused by breathing, although very few are seen to affect. Dogs as much as it is the habitat of nutrition on the formation of internal parasites is of great importance. Internal parasites in dogs in dogs untreated can lead to serious problems.

Internal parasites living in your body and feeds on the bodies of living things.This situation is dangerous as it will result in even death. So early detection of parasites in dogs is important.

What Are The Symptoms Of Parasites In Dogs?

7672 kopeklerde ic parazit tedavi yontemleri neler 300x188 - What Are Internal Parasites In Dogs What Are The Types?There are many symptoms of parasites, dogs seized as evidence. A few of these symptoms if you have a dog, take it to a vet immediately is recommended. The effects of internal parasites in dogs abdominal bloating and excessive gas production is observed. Smelly diarrhea in some dogs is observed. Depending on the nature and frequency of interference, some dogs bloody stool are found. Dog is experiencing weight loss because of many internal parasites.However, dogs, especially stemming from the problem of hair dryness and hair reduction of noise is observed. Disturbing the parasites which cause the animal to cough, it compels the respiratory tract. Animal tries to throw it out with the help of internal parasites the stool vomiting or disturbing. Of course, intraocular inflammation in dogs infected with the parasite is monitored.

Types Of Internal Parasites In Dogs

There are many parasitic forms. The main of them are effective to the degree that the dangerous ones will cause the death of his friend is cute. Usually the types of internal parasites from the intestinal tract.

1.Askarit ( bristle worms of the small intestine) : This species of parasite from dog to dog but can be passed on from the mother to the unborn baby can go. So it is quite disturbing. It is possible to see these parasites easily. Developmental defects are observed in dogs exposed to these parasites. Also vomiting, diarrhea is one of the most common symptoms.

7672 kopeklerde ic parazit  turleri nelerdir 300x273 - What Are Internal Parasites In Dogs What Are The Types?2.Hook worms: These types of noise typically it is more common in puppies. This type of parasites in the intestines in which it operates. Thanks to the teeth with hooks, digging up the intestinal wall can cause bleeding. Such genus of parasites the animals may result in death. So, immediate action should be taken that species. Hookworm in between 50 and 100 puppy a puppy can easily cause them to die. Blood in the stool, diarrhea, and vomiting are symptoms. As a result of these parasites microscopic examination are determined.

3.Tapeworms ( flatworm ): this parasite can be detected in the types of the hair around the anus. From here leads to diarrhea and weight loss intestinal system and animal settles into. Walking your dog in the area, in his bed, eyes probably shock are parasites. In motion white-colored these parasites which flows into the chest wall of the animal which is not possible unless they cleaned the place where salvation rank. So, both the importance of cleaning and cleaning of the animal house is great.

4. The wolves of the large intestine: the types of parasites that affect the digestive system through the mouth. Without microscopic examination it is not possible to be understood. In dogs, vomiting, diarrhea and weight loss.

5. Heart worms: parasites parasite species between the types of results that lead to the most frightening. These parasites through the bite of a mosquito and settled in the heart of the animal body by the functions of the heart slow down. Affect the respiratory tract and cause a lot of problems. Treatment success is quite low.

What are the methods of treatment?

The first measure to be taken to protect your dogs against interference is to keep away from external interference. This suggests that your vet for an anti-parasite medication it is quite important to apply in a three month period.

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