What Are The Benefits Of Lavender Oil?

lavantayagifaydalari - What Are The Benefits Of Lavender Oil?
What Are The Benefits Of Lavender Oil?

It has quite a nice smell of lavender oil since the smell of the room, in the making of products such as perfume is used quite often.Apart from this, the field of use of lavender oil is quite high.

Lavender essential oil is steam distilled from the purple flowers of the lavender plant is beautiful. A shining star among the essential oils because this oil is very gentle, but very powerful. Soothing lavender, has sedative properties and is also capable of removing toxins.While lavender is one of the gentlest essential oils, especially when it is applied directly may irritate sensitive skin.

Acne lavender oil for

Lavender oil is one of the most important advantages of the antibacterial effect. Lavender oil, because it can penetrate into pores to kill bacteria, the prevention and cure of the decay of the product may go so far as to. You can apply lavender oil diluted in Coconut Oil to your skin after washing your face. This just moisten, but also helps to reduce dropouts.

Skin whiten lavender oil

Lavender essential oil: anti-inflammatories. Thus, redness of the skin, reducing stretching and spotting, polishes, natural skin tone, helps correct. When used regularly, this oil can reduce dark spots and also other skin color changes.

Lavender oil, especially if your skin is oily, the skin help alleviate hyperpigmentation.

The crease ofthe league of preventionin K for lavender oil

Lavender oil, your skin wrinkles because it is packed with antioxidants (and other signs of aging skin) is damage that can contribute to viruses. Just combine coconut oil with a few drops of lavender oil mornings, evenings and felt your skin all dry when you moisturizer use it as.

Egzama ve sedef hastalığı için lavanta yağı

Due to its soothing and healing properties, lavender can provide benefits for eczema or psoriasis of the skin caught in it. May help relieve the itching and irritation of psoriasis is important, especially when combined with chamomile and eczema can help you against problems.

Lavender oil for sunburn

In the hot sun burning your skin by using lavender oil diluted on the day after their stay, and can relieve swelling. Your skin sunburn has occurred, first rinse your face with cool water (or take a cool shower). Then, apply the coconut oil added a few drops of lavender oil to the affected area. Remember to keep cool and drink plenty of water. Sunburn bring back the lost moisture water consumption to 10 glasses daily is, again, it is important for you to make the necessary humidity.

Lavender oil for skin fungus

Just demonstrating antibacterial and irritations lavender oil can help kill fungal infections of the skin but also its strength.

Lavender oil, with mushrooms, you should remember that the power to destroy. Crescent prevents germ tube formation and to grow in lower concentrations, thus stops the progress of the fungus.

lavantayagifaydalari - What Are The Benefits Of Lavender Oil?

Apart from that, the benefits of lavender oil;

  • Insomnia is good. Provide a relaxing effect.
  • Include the effect of preventing indigestion.
  • Strengthens the immune system and helps digestion.
  • A source of antioxidant.
  • Hair loss prevents the hair extensions and allows you to wash.
  • It prevents dandruff, such as ringworm problems.
  • Anti-aging skin effect include the configurator.
  • Used in the treatment of burns and wounds. Provides rapid healing of burns.
  • Prevents lice of the hair and scalp.
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