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The results of scientific research made numerous pain in the back of one out of every five people has been observed. Especially in developed countries, back problems has become a significant problem. For this, we must be very careful to the health of your back. Otherwise, this will lead to a loss of labor pain and a negative influence on our lives. Like many diseases, from back pain, but should be afraid of being late. Back pain which can occur in each age group, may occur to get hurt for the simple reason that, while sometimes a symptom of serious diseases such as diseases of the heart and curvature of the spine.In an area particularly hard which is ongoing and continuous back pain should be taken seriously.


The cause of back pain, stretching of the muscles on each side of the spine on our back. The most important reason for this stress is stress. To stress our neck muscles are stretched first. As a result of this stress is “C” shaped neck, our spine straightens, the nerves to the back of the shoulder and the exits are narrow, remains under pressure on the nerves. This print on the back with the muscles are stretched. So the pain we hear. Keep your muscles tense for a long time cause lumps Nov. So, fibrozit leads to the formation of what we call in medicine. This fibrozit the slightest fatigue in the heavy lifting as a result of air-conditioning or under a fan for a long time to stay in pain. causes we will suffer unbearable pain. Nov to reduce the tension, kamburlastiriri our backs without realizing it. Suffering this pain for a long time, Palm the medicine they take, the doctors they go to, a lifetime of pain from thinking that they can’t get behind this fall.


Pain in desk jobs In recent years, computers are due to come into more of our daily lives, especially the young and middle-aged people in back pain is frequently observed. Usually in the area of back muscles, pain, pressure, discomfort is triggered where more desk work affects people. Myofasiyel pain syndrome Back muscles and soft tissues in the area-due to come into more of our daily lives computers, the incidence of induced pain, especially in young and middle-aged individuals have increased. According to studies, long-term pain syndrome present in about half of patients who suffered from back pain Myofasiyel. This syndrome is affecting the people who work for a long time, especially sitting like office workers. In these patients, back pain is usually triggered by pressing on the point where the muscles in the area. Attitudes of of individuals complaints of being corrupted increases. The cause of back pain heart, lung and gall bladder diseases may be Back pain; pain in the back region from the shoulders until the end of the rib is described as. Teenagers and may occur in any age group. Often caused by poor posture such as back pain; disorders in different parts of the body (gall stones, stomach ulcers, reflux disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) or heart disease may be a harbinger of.

Neck pain Neck, back and shoulder are close to each other, since the pains of this region can be mixed with each other .Severe neck pain is sometimes felt in the neck, while in some cases, the region back up, and sometimes through the arm can reach. The joints in the spine in your neck and back arthritis and can be a source of back pain. While it may be between the vertebrae in the dorsal region hernias, this problem is seen as more rare. Pain especially in arms loss of power, or if it is accompanied by lethargy, neck pain can be the harbinger of. Back pain to the feet, weakness in the legs, numbness may be accompanied by a herniated disk. Hernia is the cause of back pain. According to the thinner neck and herniated disc. More lower back observed in the region. Fibromyalgia (Soft Tissue Rheumatism) Fibromyalgia is more common in women, and in the back of the neck, including a disease that causes widespread body pain. Taking off tired in the morning from the patients often, complain that they are tired quickly. Cold complaints, fatigue and stress increases. In this patient group headaches, bowel problems (especially bloating), some other complaints such as swelling in hands and a feeling of numbness are common. The mood of depressed patients, and increases sensitivity to pain.

Therefore, this aspect can be used to alleviate the pain of patients evaluated and treated.Patients wake up in the morning tired and sore. Of the body sometimes the right, sometimes the left half may be affected. And back pain lower back pain sometimes of a common nature which may be accompanied by. Scoliosis (curvature of the spine) The age of patients presenting with back pain should also be taken into consideration. Because different diseases in patients of different ages with self-back pain. For example, children from the age of in development called scoliosis, curvature of the spine, there may be typical symptoms of pain in the back.

Childhood and young adulthood in the three-dimensional warp of the spine called “scoliosis” it is characterized by back pain. This motion increasing back pains, rest and last features. Complaints shows an increase in spending in front of computer for a long time.This disease often that should be followed in the early period, a doctor should be consulted. Children and adolescents often may not be pain. Shoulders, shoulder blades and hips, indicates the asymmetry in this disease. Gece olan sırt ağrılarına dikkat(Osteoporoz,  tümör, çiğ peynir hastalığı, verem hastalığı olabilir) Bone loss in elderly and female patients (osteoporosis) disease, pain, height loss and related fractures in the bones of the back is seen. In this case, drug therapy, as well as exercises for back muscles may prevent the person on the back of a permanent camber.

Focusing on a certain Ridge, the spine, severe, constant pain and tenderness is common.Spine disorders such as tumors can also cause back pain the spine that holds. Therefore, begins the night of pain, and the patient if you have persistent or severe weight loss if you waste time you should tell your doctor before. It may be a symptom of rheumatic diseases As the shoulder blade back pain may be a sign of heart attack hits. Wake up from sleep at night to moderate pain (rheumatic diseases), complaints such as joint swelling can also cause back pain. In the morning the imprisonment of adolescents seen in ankylosing spondylitis, a severe back pain in the morning. Later in the day passes. Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis RF-positive type keeps the hip joints and back pain. Symptoms of shingles pain in the back can be It can present with symptoms resulting from inflammation of nerve endings shingles back pain without.


Held for 3-5 minutes, the most likely cause of back pain in a child alkaptonuri black urine disease. If it appears late at night anemia in a child with back pain and bloody urine, the most likely disease paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuri. Back pain, urinary incontinence, gait disturbance, or numbness in the legs and abdomen accompanied by inflammation of the spinal cord(transverse myelitis) acute axonal polyneuropathy, or demyelinating disease. Hand, foot, legs, numbness and back pain in a child with spinal cord disease syringomyelia spinal dogussal hidromyeli can be earned with a defect or later. The cause of back pain in a child who walks with a limp unilateral congenital hip dislocation, polio sequelae, diastometamyeli, pineal shift in the femoral head, aseptic necrosis of the femoral head. Anemia, palpitations, severe leg and back pain jaundice skin the most likely diagnosis in a child with sickle cell anemia if you have.


The cause of our pain should be determined first. Neck pain, back muscles comes from or whether another disease that we did not must be determined. Physical examination diagnosis is primarily complaints then with the rest of MRI, CT, and direct examination is made by radiography. EMG also helps us. Nov relaxants and effective local ointment (ointment thoroughly by feeding it with an iron heated towel for at least ten minutes after the eruption, should be applied hot with a hot water bottle or hair dryer) is used; but only medication is not enough. Not necessarily the physical therapy or alternative therapy(massage, manipulation, neural therapy, acupuncture, soft laser) should be applied. At fibrozit individually detected and must be eliminated. The stress factor should be eliminated in conjunction with physical therapy. The inciting stress factors make drastic changes in the patient’s life if possible, go on vacation, it would be quite useful hobbies to take longer. If these changes are not enough, if it is helpful to get the help of a psychiatrist or psychologist. At the end of treatment your doctor suggests that it is necessary to do exercises that will strengthen back muscles. If media is found, and if necessary, backstroke are the best exercises. Sea, sun, hot sand, it is very useful in the hot springs. It is necessary to avoid as much as possible from the cold. Some movement is necessary to avoid all these treatments during and after. Buying something from the ground, when to lean forward or to the side instead of the squat, instead of reaching upward to see go to the top of a thing and our work reduces the risk of back pain. Also constantly change position, so we need to sit for a long time if we’re doing a job that a half hours at the latest around, avoid standing in the same place, put our heads and our backs on the seats watching TV or reading the newspaper while we need to be careful to opt for the elements.


Back pain to continue for more than six months, or if the doctor suspects another injury or inconvenience occurrence of a back injury, it is important that the required tests be performed. For the investigation of back pain; blood tests, ultrasonography or Computed Tomography imaging studies such as MRI are required. Nov bound to get hurt back pain most recover in a few days. Painkillers or relaxants can be used to reduce pain Nov.If back pain is caused by different ailments that cause pain from other diseases should be treated.


•Avoid stress, lose weight, do exercises to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles, you must avoid sudden movements or being forced from Nov. •Backstroke, yoga, pilates, such as sports activities, it will be particularly helpful for those suffering from back pain. •The sun, the sea, warm sand and spas is very useful. As much as possible should be protected from the cold.


Although more rare, can also cause back pain the spine that holds the malignant diseases. So if it’s the beginning of the night the pain, or if you have persistent or severe you must consult a doctor before and weight loss is waste time.

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