What are the proofs of the existence of God? How do we prove the existence of God / do we prove that?

dusunen adam - What are the proofs of the existence of God? How do we prove the existence of God / do we prove that?

You have the proof, the proof is always easier. We can prove an Apple exists by showing that the only Apple on the earth. However, in the absence of no one who claims the whole earth or even the universe around, but one can prove the absence of him after that. That is impossible. Then we can say; no, it cannot be proven…never

999 the gates of the Palace open, one closed, no one can claim that the Palace cannot be entered. In denial that on an ongoing basis and give him the evil eye want to show a single closed door. Actually, that door, the curtains drawn and the eyes of those like her are in denial that the spirit world is closed to them because of it. There is a closed door for the believer. Just shutting your eyes!… Already 999 is open to everyone. Both wide…

And the evidence of that door a few:

Possible evidence:the Way, not with something that has an equal chance of being means. In daily conversations, it is also “possible” meaning we may not mean mean. Each entity has been created that cries out to us the truth: was not equal with the fact that I’m me. Right now, if you have non-existence-existence means that there is someone who prefers to stay. Only God is that.

Hudus Proof: Hudus, later to become that means. Hudus the biggest proof is change. If there is a change in an entity, this will be the first point of movement. Before that point he was not on the field he exuded. Yet in times of need will have to be yourself and have no power to it while if you can, since this existence is satisfied by the creation of God. Thermodynamic properties of substance according to the law, the shift toward non-continuous, the universe incessantly expansion, the sun on their way to extinction events such as that the universe has a beginning.

Art proof:from an atom to a human, from a cell to galaxies in all the universe, there is a vertiginous art. Yes, from one end of every piece in the universe has the following properties:

• Carries the value of great art.
• Is very precious.
• In a very short time and very easily done.
• Are numerous.
• Mixed and all kinds.
• Lasting.

However, in a short time, many, and complicated asset in the work should be artistic and easy. However, the God who.c.) if it happens, then everything changes and opposites can come together.

Muhal and sequenced the transfers: the transfer is explained with the example of water to be impossible. You’re asking the guy that claimed the chicken had an egg. The chicken who did it? In contrast, the egg out of her shows. Accordingly, once removed from the chicken the egg the egg. It is to this work. Solidarity, presence and ask who made the first point in the chain something to go by first proving the existence of God method. So, that tree was a fruit tree that this fruit that made from the the previous previous. Thus, the first or the first fruit to the tree arrives, we ask: Who made it?..

The Qur’an is very different from the way transfers and sequenced. “Who did the egg?” or “the fruit who did it?” the answer to the question directly, “God created.” is answered.

To a degree, the concepts of compassion and mercy and a portion of non-people do not recognize wisdom, and the Arts do not understand the reasons (the chicken and the tree) is proved in the creation of results without any effects. Thus, wouldn’t require evidence of transfer or succession.

Evidence of wisdom and purpose: a goal for himself in all beings, a purpose, a benefit which is followed stand out, and nothing gayesizlik, manasizlik and waste will be considered any situation that was not observed. However, what what in the material world nor in consciousness and perception of objects and events in the world of plants and animals, which are not available will allow you to follow this chain of purposes. If so, the conscious functioning in the universe and the wisdom attributed to God and to one purpose only reasonable way we can.

Proof of assistance: to the rescue of the soil, the rain, the sun from coming to the assistance of the eye, all the way to clean up the blood in the air, a solidarity movement with this world is almost full. This is who will lend a helping hand to each other. If so, this causes it is not possible to give to compassionate action.

Cleaning: in the universe nezafet, cleaning, and in itself as a proof of us, Jerusalem is a namesake by the name of case C.c.) describes. It cleans the soil, bacteria, insects, ants and birds of prey nice; wind, rain and snow; the oceans, glaciers, and fish; of the planet in the atmosphere, outer space black holes in our structure that cleans our blood and oxygen saved from our distress, the spirit of spiritual musings, always of Jerusalem notice the name, and that name Vera person-the Holy Iclick shows.

Faces: Any human’s face, down to the smallest detail before the past does not bear an exact resemblance to any of them, out of billions of people. To this rule is the story. In a direction the same as each other in the other direction, billions of tiny area of the picture separate from each other draw, and then possible for it to be like themselves, billions of images detach from a path and a shape and everything in the way of infinite possibility, of course, and of course it is being created and never closed and that a side who desired power and knowledge to give shape to avoid entity of God Almighty is sufficient to announce an announcement of even the most magnitude on deaf ears.

Creation and conscience proof: uncountable proofs and marks the creation of man, exists in nature. A few examples of them: human nature and conscience, every blessing, God knows what you want. If you have been rightly guided to Allah, a prophet and contentment. Otherwise superstitious worship of the Deity. This worshipping takes place with the force of human conscience.

The feeling of appreciation also exists in the human nature. Exhibitions, fairs takes place with this feeling. The human part of creation as the schema exhibited on the face of the water, the stars, who triumph in the face of the ground, the flowers, the trees, the forests filled with gazelles, lions, and watch the fish Swarm in the sea, and in them has to appreciate the perfection of the Divine art.

Datewitness to the history of religions, humanity has not reviewed no transfer of atheist. Superstitious, they were even absurd, almost every era has followed and believed in a religion in a spiritual system. The sense of human nature and people believing Him God put it there (God) is obliged to believe in.

The Quran: the Quran is the Word of God prove that s all the evidence that, at the same time, will prove the existence of God Almighty. There is enough evidence that it is the Quran the Word of Allah. These are available in the related Islamic sources the Quran down to the smallest detail. All these facts for themselves with the language “God.”compiles.

The prophets: the prophets and especially the Lord of the prophets the use of the two-Jahan (a.s.m) again, all the evidence that prove the prophethood should be included in the evidence concerning God Almighty. Because the purpose of the assets of the prophets, to monotheism; that is, to declare God’s existence and oneness. Then, each prophet and all the evidence that prove his prophethood, at the same time, evidence for the existence of God Almighty. A true prophet is that all of the evidence, the same force or even a lot more force, “and that God is one.” says…


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