What Are The Symptoms Of Depression?

What Is Depression - What Are The Symptoms Of Depression?

Depression is a very common, almost everyone is a condition that can happen in a certain period. We have news and more depression symptoms.

What Is Depression?

Depression, the things that we enjoy doing in life, for some reason, not wanting to do it anymore, and take pleasure in anything in a spiritual sense is the breakdown. Depression is a very common condition in our society.
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One of the most prominent features of depression in your life when everything is going great, your emptiness, your depression may never end. What makes you happy in your life, when you’re depressed does not make you happy.

Depression Symptoms

Restlessness, little sleep or too much sleep, fatigue, depression is one of the most common symptoms.

Other depression symptoms;

– From previous jobs not being able to take delight

– Very quick temper, Feelings change

– Become unhappy and depressed every day

– Distraction

To die you think you see low self worth

– Loss of sexual desire

– Blame yourself for the past

– Think of suicide

– Concentration problems

– Detail strain to remember

– Difficulty making decisions

– A feeling of ineptitude

– Constantly think negatively

– Poor appetite or excessive appetite

– Aggression

– Excessive alcohol consumption

– Live is not a reason to think that

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Types Of Depression

There are many types of depression. This type, according to the symptoms of depression also vary.

Major depression: major depression a person’s work, sleep patterns, eating habits, and will occur in cases where the previously enjoyed did not enjoy things anymore. People can do their daily activities even major depression. This depression may take the type 2 weeks.

Chronic depression: a type of depression that lasted very long. Common symptoms of major depression are seen. However, chronic depression, severe such as major depression.People who live with chronic depression often timid and melancholy.

Atypical depression: eating too much food, excessive sleeping, fatigue, typical symptoms of depression.

Manic depression: manic depression is a mood disorder given the complex briefly.

Seasonal depression: seasonal depression observed at certain times of the year, at the beginning of the end of winter and the spring months will occur. Seasonal depression, disappear spontaneously.

Psychotic depression: psychotic depression the person away from reality live. A lot of people sees a hallucination.

Postpartum depression: postpartum depression, women who give birth at 75%. Postpartum depression major depression symptoms are seen.
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Of Depression Situations That Pose Too Much Risk

Depression is very dangerous in our society in general, although not seen as a nuisance, if left untreated may lead to very dangerous results. Depression self-it could be a discomfort to pass the time and to be treated as professional support, there are situations that need to be taken.

Here are depression requiring treatment;

– A very unhappy state than one to make a happy transition

– Talk about death all the time

– Insomnia, deep sadness, eating problems

– The person wants to die

Pre – show value on the things valued

– Some of the sentences can be said more frequently. ( I shouldn’t be here, I want to get rid of)

– Talk about suicide
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What Are The Causes Of Depression?

There may be reasons that led some people to depression.

The reasons that;

– A lot of people with the passing of a loved one

– A bad childhood

Problems in a marriage

– Being unemployed

– Financial difficulties

– Brain and heart diseases
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Depression Treatment

Very positive results in the treatment of depression and treatment is a condition that can be received. There are a few treatments of depression.

These are;

– Antidepressant drugs

– Different psychotherapies

– Group therapy

– Electro-shock therapy

– Special light therapy

– Other methods

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