What Are The Types Of Braces?

What Are The Types Of Braces - What Are The Types Of Braces?

Orthodontic treatment braces are applied. There are different types of braces. The use of the bracket structure and differ from each other.

What Are The Types Of Braces?

Different kinds of patients with different forms of orthodontic treatment is the solution. Some patients usually braces are used. Orthodontic treatment for patients that required the application of on the kinds of braces are preferred. This treatment and the treatment process is to scare some people. Gotta a question mark in the mind of both treatment phases view the patient leaves.

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Orthodontic treatment varies from patient to patient. Kind of treatment as there are different applications. Metal braces, porcelain braces, lingual braces and Invisalign as 4 different applications. Usually these types of braces are chosen according to the recommendation of the doctor, but in some cases the preferences of patients is at the forefront of. For this reason, the doctor and the patient in taking a decision to choose the varieties of the common wire.

According to their structure and material of any kind, wire, cases of non-acquisition, or the acquisition facility. Age has a major impact in the selection of braces. Orthodontic treatment usually starts during childhood. Therefore, to be treated child patients metal braces are recommended. In adult patients it is applied to different varieties.

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In accordance with the patient’s request, the options multiply. To view some of my patients pays attention. For this reason, the porcelain instead of metal brackets, Invisalign or lingual application wants to use. These brackets than metal brackets is different. Almost no non-specific brackets provide benefits to adults in terms of appearance.

Metal Brackets

Metal brackets and used the application since so many years ago. Typically, metal brackets are the most commonly used type. This bracket is more sturdy and durable. In general, the most commonly used braces more frequent in patients who had orthodontic treatment in childhood. The most obvious is the type of braces. Metal brackets are placed on the outer side of the teeth.

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Porcelain Brackets

Porcelain braces, translucent braces is referred to as. According to the type of the metal bracket this bracket is less visible. For this reason, more often are preferred, but porcelain braces are usually used in adults. In childhood, braces are applied, in general, porcelain brackets may not be used. Semi-transparent materials are made. Porcelain brackets provides a more aesthetically pleasing image, but is sensitive to the structure of the porcelain bracket. Therefore care should be considered.

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Lingual Braces

Typically the grown persons are used. Invisible braces are called. Lingual brackets on the front part of the teeth not in the system, the rear side are placed on the inner side. By attaching to brackets that are placed when it comes to definitely is not observed. In this system, metal brackets are used again, but not in children, are usually used in adult patients.

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Referred to as transparent plates. Invisalign, orthodontics is known as radio. This app definitely is. To be transparent, provides an aesthetic appearance. Transparent trimmers, removed and installed. Cleaning and maintenance is made considerably easier. It takes more time compared to other apps.

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