What Causes Hiccups?

hickirik 001 - What Causes Hiccups?

The most frequently encountered hiccups all the information about the why and how of us will actually…

Like our ribs, our lungs are in a bag. When we breathe, taking the air as they could get them inside the bags they explode. Our chests and our lungs, our stomach separates the bottom of the aperture, which is adjacent to a large Nov, crinkle up and the expansion of our lungs and allows us to breathe helps.

What Causes Hiccups?

hickirik 001 - What Causes Hiccups?

When you eat fast food, swallowing as a result of some air along with the food is taken.Hiccup, by sticking to the surface of the food that enters the digestive system in order to take off of air indicated by the system is a response to. Crinkle up the diaphragm quickly, very sudden and fast, allowing them to breathe. Meanwhile, on the upper side of the throat, the throat chakra, the vocal parts will be shutdown in our last and out of here for a moment, the air is blocked. This ‘Hick’ to make a sound in the form of vapour.

The relationship of the diaphragm in the stomach with an event, or even have nested very close to each other because the nerves in these two organs. For this reason, most not hiccup after dinner. After the process of digestion, hiccup. There are various suggestions to avoid hiccups.


Hiccups What Would It Be?

  • Stand upside down
  • Hold my breath
  • Drink water slowly
  • Drink iced water
  • Keep the arms above
  • Looking at a point in the future, take a deep breath
  • Beat three times while holding the breath
  • Swallow mint
  • Drink water by pressing the finger on the ear
  • Should scare.

Scaring them to shock people, thus affecting the nervous system, taking a deep breath, the diaphragm and also the stomach to push low carbon dioxide levels in the blood is known to accelerate the formation of the hiccups to hold my breath because of the most sensible measures.

hickirik - What Causes Hiccups?

Usually there is no need for these measures. Hiccups about 5 seconds, and usually it won’t take more than a minute. Measures when dealing with you, hiccup cut himself off already.Hiccups hiccups kesmedig no precautions adopted to cut the general opinion. However, several months, in exceptional circumstances, certainly requires medical intervention, even in these cases, even the operation to be performed on the nerves may be considered.

Like eating a large amount of pepper chemical burns, infections, and diseases such as ulcers, it is argued that also can bring about hiccups. During hiccup again, because it is not worth being in this order are not eating anything and drinking more air can be taken.

To avoid hiccups, eat slowly, do not drink carbonated drinks while eating, don’t eat a lot for dinner to concentrate are required. If you pay attention to them, result in hiccups.

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