What Is A Green Card?

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A green card, an entry that was created by a decision of the United States Congress granted a permanent residence permit under current immigration lottery program entry. The Diversity Immigrant Visa (Green Card Lottery).

Immigration lottery program regularly makes the selection of immigrants every year.collected In the year 1990 implemented since 1999 within the framework of up to 55,000 immigrant to be able to live within the borders of the United States would be provided with a permanent residence permit (permanent resident Permit). Despite being called a green card, the card is the actual name of the Permanent Resident Card, green card if the card is actually provided by means of the rights.

In order to participate in the lottery program organised by the United States of America Immigration firstly, you must meet the conditions of participation, otherwise you will be disqualified even if you complete your application in a way that is tamamlasan. Disqualified under the program are two ways, the first second after the draw when you win that you specified the incorrect reference to your personal lack of any situation.When we showed the calendar year 1999, the United States, the immigration quota has descended than 50.000 55.000 annual intake. Nacar 5000 people has been included in the program.

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In order to participate in the program first of all, you are a citizen of the country you were born or included in the program must be a citizen of any country that is not included in the program in case of application, reference will be deducted from the system without going into the drawing.

Countries that are not included in the program (DV-2014), Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China (Mainland-born), Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, South Korea, United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland) and Vietnam. Whether or not a country is included in the program of the United States as a result of research in the country of his nationality is determined. The best example of this situation is Poland, DV 1998-Poland: not even, DV-2002-Poland:included again, DV 2007-Poland are not included in: DV 2013-Poland:a re included.As can be seen, two to three year program and afterwards are included in the Polish is removed.

Contrary to common belief, registration is free of charge. However, candidates who want to earn money from this work of scaring the eyes of certain companies is very difficult to convince candidates that they have managed the application. Personally, although it is more accurate to make the application more secure.

References can be made directly from the state website.For reference, the 5×5(cm)-600×600 pixels with a resolution of a digital photo you need. If you win the lottery, the lottery, within 1 year from the date of the official announcement of you must not make an attempt to receive a permanent residence permit. Otherwise, he hasn’t won the lottery you’ll be accepted.

A permanent residence permit or in other words, a person who has a green card, has the rights of an American citizen except the right to elect and be elected.

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